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Successful real estate investments require having the right product in the right market at the right time. Each week, MPF Research analysts highlight the latest apartment occupancy and rent growth statistics as well as other key performance indicators for rental housing.

Richmond Apartment Market Q4 2013

Apartment Rent Growth Levels Soften in Richmond

Richmond’s economy has recovered all the jobs lost in the recession. Apartment occupancy rates have been consistently solid. But apartment rent growth levels have slipped – counter to the national norm.


The Banks are Back: How Should Multifamily Lending Strategies evolve as the Industry Gets More Crowded?

While “bubble” seems to be too strong a word, today’s climate is very different from what was typical in the apartment sector’s recovery stage.

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The Banks are Back: Is Multifamily the Next Bubble for Lenders?

Given the rapid growth in multifamily lending on the tails of a major recession, it’s appropriate to ask the obvious question: Is multifamily reaching a bubble?


Milwaukee’s Apartment Sector Appears Stable

Milwaukee’s apartment market seems to be settling in at sustainable norms – producing consistently strong occupancy rates and decent, but unspectacular, rent growth.

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The Banks are Back: Most Megabanks Still on Sidelines as Multifamily Lending Surges

Among all bank lending categories, none has grown faster than multifamily over the last six years. Multifamily as a share of overall lending has surged to a 20-year high.

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The Banks are Back: Commercial Banks Now Biggest Lenders in Multifamily

Financial benchmarks in most areas of real estate remain below pre-recession highs, but the apartment industry is one exception to the rule.


Little Rock Is an Apartment Performance Laggard

The current apartment market performance story is truly stellar in almost every metro across the country. But there are a handful of spots missing out on all the good news.


Why Do Rents Remain Volatile in Manhattan’s Apartment Market?

From 2010 to 2012, Manhattan was Manhattan – posting big gains in apartment rents. Since then, though, the performance has been unusually volatile. Why?

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The Right Timing on Peak Apartment Completions?

Lots of apartments you’ve been watching come out of the ground over the past year or two are about to hit the market. Properties scheduled to finish construction in the nation’s 100 largest apartment markets during the last half of 2014 total some 167,000 units, with targeted delivery timing split about evenly between the 3rd and 4th quarters.


Oklahoma City’s Economy Remains Hot, But Apartment Revenue Growth Has Cooled

The Oklahoma City economy continues to benefit from its exposure to the regional energy boom, posting consistently solid job gains. And yet, apartment revenue growth levels have slowed down of late.

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