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Successful real estate investments require having the right product in the right market at the right time. Each week, MPF Research analysts highlight the latest apartment occupancy and rent growth statistics as well as other key performance indicators for rental housing.

Charlotte apartment market performance for Q2 2014

Charlotte Registers a Strong Quarter for Apartment Rent Growth

The Charlotte apartment market turned in an impressive apartment rent growth performance during Q2 2014 thanks to meaningful growth in every product niche and across all neighborhoods.


This Year’s Bump in Apartment Occupancy Has Come in a Handful of Markets

The biggest part of the story behind why overall apartment occupancy reached a seven-year high was the rising occupancy at existing – primarily middle-market – inventory in just a handful of metros. Here are the 10 metros that really drove the nation’s jump in apartment occupancy during the past year.

Top 20 Apartment Markets for Rent Growth for Q2 2014

Top 20 Apartment Markets for Rent Growth for Q2 2014 [Video]

For the most part, it’s the usual suspects atop the nation’s leaderboard for apartment rent growth. But a few surprises popped in, as well — in part due to continued impressive lease-up velocity in many markets facing big waves of new supply.


Quarterly Apartment Rent Growth Hits 14-Year High

The U.S. apartment market outperformed everyone’s expectations with an impressive showing in 2nd quarter 2014. Occupancy jumped up to a seven-year high, even with newly built units hitting the market in large numbers. And quarterly rent growth reached a 14-year high.

Image of Hartford at Night

Apartment Occupancy Rates Continue to Slip in Hartford

Most of the Northeast region has struggled to find momentum in the apartment sector recently, and that’s especially true in Hartford. Occupancy, while still healthy, is trending downward, while rent growth has been flat.


Big Rent Growth Kicks In for Downtown Memphis Apartments

While the overall Memphis apartment market performance is mediocre, the city’s downtown core is generating strong revenue growth.


Consistency Remains the Story in Cincinnati’s Apartment Sector

Cincinnati’s apartment market won’t rank among the national leaders by most measures. But it has become of the nation’s most steady, stable markets – albeit one with minimal upside. But one submarket stands out from the pack, and may offer opportunity going forward.

El Paso Apartment Market Q1 2014

Once a Top Performer, El Paso’s Apartment Sector is Now a Laggard

In the recession, El Paso held steady and then quickly surged to rank as the nation’s leader for rent growth through most of 2010. But in recent years, El Paso has ranked among the nation’s weakest apartment markets. What happened?


Dayton Apartment Market Momentum Stalls

The Dayton apartment market is coming off a period of very solid revenue growth volumes that ran for two to three years. However, those performance stats have cooled off somewhat of late thanks to an unusually rough winter weather and slowing economy.

Image of Camden South Bay Apartments in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Apartment Stats Continue to Impress

The Corpus Christi apartment market continues its streak as one of the nation’s best tertiary markets, registering annual growth in effective rents for new leases at almost double the U.S. norm.

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