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Successful real estate investments require having the right product in the right market at the right time. Each week, MPF Research analysts highlight the latest apartment occupancy and rent growth statistics as well as other key performance indicators for rental housing.

Boston Apartment Market

How is Boston Handling Big Wave of New Apartments?

Boston is one of the few Northeastern metros seeing strong economic growth. And yet, apartment rent growth remains below the U.S. norms. Is new supply to blame?

Miami Skyline

Early 2015’s Apartment Demand Leaders

The nation’s apartment demand volume in Q1 2015 proved very impressive. Preliminary figures show that absorption across the country’s 100 largest metros came in at roughly 64,300 units, a jump of 55% from the demand tally seen during the initial three months of 2014. Helping push up those apartment absorption stats, job creation in early […]


Homeownership Trends by Age of Household

What does the propensity to rent tell us about the renter pool? You can gain a new perspective by breaking down complex subject matter into smaller digestible parts. When analyzing the apartment sector, factors that determine the health of the market could be simplified into three core data points: capital market, labor market, and demographics. […]

Houston Apartment Market

No Signs of a Slowdown (Yet) in Houston’s Apartment Market

With oil prices plunging in 2014’s second half, energy-dependent Houston was on everyone’s watch lists going into 2015. Did Houston’s hot apartment market show any signs of slowing down in 2015’s 1st quarter?


In “Good” Suburbs, Apartment Investment Returns Match the Urban Core

Investment research groups across the country have proven time and again that central business districts trump suburbs for apartment investment returns. That conclusion has guided an urban-centric strategy in recent years, yet it deserves a large, overlooked asterisk mark. Within the nation’s core 50 markets, 88% of all apartment units are located outside of CBDs. […]

South Florida Apartment Market

South Florida Condo Construction Poses Limited Threat to Apartment Fundamentals

The South Florida skyline is seeing new additions as residential towers are on the rise and construction cranes are firmly planted along the coastline. Much of the new construction is due to a recent increase in condo development. But apartment development has increased in recent years as well, especially in downtown Miami. Can South Florida […]


Bay Area Gets Dethroned from #1 Spot in Nation’s Apartment Rent Growth Leaderboard

Make no mistake: Apartment rent growth remains substantial in the Bay Area. But which metro surged ahead of the Bay Area and claimed the #1 spot in 2015’s 1st quarter?


Momentum Carries into 2015’s 1st Quarter for U.S. Apartment Sector

On the heels of one of its best years in recent history, the U.S. apartment market continued to record impressive demand and rent growth in 1st quarter 2015.


Income and Rents: It Takes Money to Make Money

As apartment rents continue to trend higher, real estate economists are worried income growth isn’t keeping up. After all, an increase in rent means residents are forced to allocate a higher percentage of their income to housing if their paychecks don’t also increase proportionately. Investors, especially in Class B and C assets, are worried that […]

Downtown Jackson

Jackson’s Apartment Markets Remains Steady But Lackluster

Job growth has disappeared in Jackson, thanks to backtracking in the all-important government sector. That has kept apartment fundamentals at lackluster levels. However, as usual, performance remains bifurcated between the city of Jackson and its suburbs – with materially better numbers in the suburbs. SHOW MORE

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