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Successful real estate investments require having the right product in the right market at the right time. Each week, MPF Research analysts highlight the latest apartment occupancy and rent growth statistics as well as other key performance indicators for rental housing.

Las Vegas Market

Employment Concentrations by Metro: Las Vegas

The mix of jobs in a metropolitan area has significant impacts on the local apartment market. For this reason, MPF Research has identified five U.S. metros that have outsized exposure to certain industries. The data for these rankings were obtained via the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of March 2015. In this blog series, we’ll […]

Rent Renewal Leaderboard

Examining the Apartment Renewal Rent Growth Leaderboard

The apartment industry traditionally measures rent growth only by sticker prices for new leases. Yet renewals typically comprise half the rent roll, and are equally critical to performance. Which markets achieved the largest rent hikes on renewed leases in June 2015?


Examining the Nation’s Apartment Rent Growth Leaderboard

Metros in the West region of the country continue to dominate the apartment rent growth leaderboard, including a few new additions that had previously been laggards.


U.S. Apartment Rent Growth Levels Further Accelerate in Q2

Going into 2015, most prognosticators expected apartment rent growth levels to ease. Halfway into the year, the opposite has occurred. Year-over-year growth in new leases hit a new high for the cycle in Q2 2014, boosted by rapid acceleration in late-recovery markets combined with continued strength elsewhere.


All Millennials Are Renting, and Other Millennial Myths

MPF Research economist Shane Squires discusses his recent research into the much-discussed, but often-misunderstood Millennial generation.


Top 4 Reasons Why Rent Growth is Booming in Denver

Three to five years ago, few would have picked the Denver apartment market to perform as well as it has. But with nation-leading rent growth, strong economic and demographic tailwinds and a structural shift in the single-family market, the Mile High City apartment market is firing on all cylinders. Starting in late 2010, the Denver/Boulder market […]


Is Denver’s Apartment Market Strength Extending to Colorado Springs?

The apartment sector in Colorado Springs has followed a pattern quite different from the consistent strength seen just north in Denver. But more recently, Colorado Springs has notched some impressive numbers.


High-Rise v. Garden-Style: Examining the Path to Prosperity

Modern times offer exciting opportunities for direct real estate investors. With properties across the spectrum realizing a significant growth trajectory, real estate investments can offer both attractive returns and diversification benefits. Specifically, apartments offer a long track record of favorable risk-adjusted returns, a higher dividend payout ratio and healthy growth of net operating income (NOI) […]


The Retail, Light Rail Premium: Denver Apartment Market Case Study

In the apartment industry and other types of real estate, location is paramount. Amenities offered in a given area will almost always trump what apartment developers can feasibly develop within a community. For that reason, developers and prospective apartment owners flock to hot locations intensely analyzing available land or existing communities to determine if the […]


An Inside View on Real Estate Profit Margins

Earnings matter. This is as true in energy, industrials and consumer staples as it is in real estate. After all, people invest in real estate to make money. As a result, MPF Research thought it would be interesting to view real estate performance in terms of net profit margin similar to the way corporate profitability […]

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