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Successful real estate investments require having the right product in the right market at the right time. Each week, MPF Research analysts highlight the latest apartment occupancy and rent growth statistics as well as other key performance indicators for rental housing.


Miami’s Apartment Sector Holding Up as Big Supply Wave Looms

Construction for both condos and apartments has surged to big levels in Miami. At this point in the cycle, little has actually completed – so fundamentals remain strong. But what will happen when all of this for-sale and rental supply hits the market?


Does a Peek into the Past Provide a Baseline for the Future?

By all accounts, from fundamental metrics to anecdotal offerings, the multifamily market is red hot. As a result, apartment rent growth levels have been on the rise, and surged to 3.7% nationally during the past year. With so much upward momentum, we wondered how much further rent growth levels can grow. As such, we asked […]

Houston Dwntown

Expect a Shift in 2015 Apartment Deliveries

Houston should rank as the nation’s leader for new apartment deliveries in 2015. The metro is set to add 19,662 units. This info was highlighted in a recent Multifamily Executive article that featured data from MPF Research. Digging deeper into the story of the new supply volumes scheduled for next year, there will be quite […]

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Apartment Rent Growth Gains Traction

Annual growth in effective rents for new leases in metro Los Angeles apartments reached 4.2% as of Q3 2014. For the first time in this cycle, then, LA is registering rent growth a little bit above the average pace for the nation as a whole. Some regard this performance as a return to a normal […]


Apartment Demand Surges with Record Supply Wave in Charlotte

Apartment Demand Soars in Tandem With Supply Wave With new apartment supply levels surging toward two-decade highs, occupancy rates had been expected to cool somewhat. But Charlotte’s demand drivers proved even more robust than expected, keeping vacancies low and rent growth solid.

Apartment Supply - Dallas/Fort Worth

A Quick Look at Dallas-Fort Worth’s Apartment Supply Wave

Totaling just over 675,000 units, Dallas-Fort Worth is the nation’s fourth-biggest apartment market. With construction occurring at such a rapid pace, North Texas likely will bump Chicago out of the #3 spot sometime in late 2016 to early 2017. So far in this development cycle (we’ll call that early 2010 through Q3 2014), DFW has […]

Apartment Rent Growth Denver

Apartment Rent Growth Further Accelerates in Denver

New apartment supply is hitting the Denver market at the highest levels in a decade. And yet, apartment rent growth levels continue to accelerate – hitting a two-decade high in Q3 2014.


Which Apartment Markets Appear Most Vulnerable to Q4 Supply Surge?

In 2014’s 4th quarter, the new supply levels of apartment markets will surge past the 14-year highs set just in the 3rd quarter. The timing doesn’t appear ideal – given that Q4 is a seasonally weak demand period in most markets. Which metros appear most vulnerable to a supply wave in Q4?

Late-Recovery Apartment Markets

What’s in Store for the Nation’s Late-Recovery Apartment Markets?

The nation’s apartment rent growth leaderboard now includes some prominent late-recovery markets: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Riverside/San Bernardino, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Sacramento. What lies ahead for this group? How do rent growth levels project long term in comparison to the national norms?


The Nation’s Apartment Rent Growth Leaderboard Includes Some Surprises

Which apartment markets posted the strongest year-over-year rent gains through 2014’s 3rd quarter? While the list includes some of the usual suspects, a few surprise markets have cracked the rent growth leaderboard. Greg Willett and Jay Parsons reveal the leaderboard in this video edition of Apartment Market Dynamics.

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