Property Management

Property management involves the processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of rental housing properties, including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and disposition. There are many facets to this industry and profession and PMI covers them all.


Improve the Resident Experience with the Art and Skill of Listening

The best way for dealing with an unhappy resident is by closing your mouth and applying the art and skill of listening.

Top 7 PMI Articles for 2014 (so far)

The Top 7 Property Management Insider Articles of 2014 (So Far)

During the dog days of summer, many of us go on vacation or just slow down and enjoy a summer evening with a cool beverage while sitting on a patio at night. Take advantage of your downtime by checking out the top 7 articles from 2014 (so far) and get caught up with any articles you might have missed.


Give Residents a Reason to Love You and They’ll Have No Reason to Leave You

The apartment industry is built on relationships and the property management teams that build the best connections with residents ultimately have the best retention.


3 Signs that Your Apartment Landscape Has a Grub Worm Infestation

Just as June signifies the beginning of summer, it also marks the arrival of June bugs and their often-feared offspring: the white grub worm. Here are three signs that could indicate you have a grub worm infestation.


PMI Sunday Reader: Meeting the New Urban Renter at the Local Brewpub

You can meet some interesting characters at the downtown bar, including the changing demographic of the urban renter. Contributing editor Tim Blackwell found this out first hand in Denver while attending the annual NAA Education Conference.


How to Turn Your Smartphone & Tablet into Mobile Disaster Preparedness Kits

Mobile technology is an essential communication tool before and during natural disasters. To help keep the lines of communication open with staff and residents, here are some suggestions for turning smartphones and tablets into mobile disaster preparedness kits.


NAA Maintenance Instructor Preaches Importance of Safety & On-Site Cooperation

With a teaching style that mixes passion and conviction with humor, NAA’s National Safety and Maintenance Instructor Paul Rhodes takes the often-mundane curriculum of maintenance practices and safety and makes it electric.

Avoiding Bad Hires

5 Questions Employers Should Ask Themselves to Avoid Bad Hires

A property management company that can first answer these 5 questions about itself will have an inside track on narrowing down candidate searches to find the right person.

Image of a homeless veteran

House our Heroes Program Welcomes Homeless Veterans Home

Three years ago, the Alamo Community Group began a journey to provide housing, supportive services to include outreach and case management, as well as temporary financial assistance to homeless veterans and veteran families at-risk of homelessness.


Crossing the Gray Line: Managing Residents Aging in Place

With an aging population and recent trends that suggest more residents are aging in place, property managers must be careful not to cross the line between providing good customer service and putting the property at risk.

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