Property Management

Property management involves the processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of rental housing properties, including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and disposition. There are many facets to this industry and profession and PMI covers them all.

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Understanding Your Messy-Desk Employee

We all have employees whose desks are perpetually messy and who seem quite comfortable with that arrangement – excuse the pun. Since 1997, the average space allotted per office worker has dropped as much as 21 percent.


The Banks are Back: How Should Multifamily Lending Strategies evolve as the Industry Gets More Crowded?

While “bubble” seems to be too strong a word, today’s climate is very different from what was typical in the apartment sector’s recovery stage.

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Protecting Apartment Homes: 7 Tips to Safe Grilling

It’s Labor Day. What are you grilling? Labor Day’s arrival marks the start of the end-of-year holiday season when thoughts turn to preparing feasts on an open flame inside and outside apartments.

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The Banks are Back: Is Multifamily the Next Bubble for Lenders?

Given the rapid growth in multifamily lending on the tails of a major recession, it’s appropriate to ask the obvious question: Is multifamily reaching a bubble?

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The Banks are Back: Most Megabanks Still on Sidelines as Multifamily Lending Surges

Among all bank lending categories, none has grown faster than multifamily over the last six years. Multifamily as a share of overall lending has surged to a 20-year high.

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8 Steps to a Healthy Fall, Winter Lawn

A wetter and cooler summer in many parts of the country is setting the stage for what could be an opportunity for apartments to have some stunning winter landscape.


Effective Maintenance Management: People, Processes and Technology

Maintenance can be a necessary evil in the apartment industry. Water heaters leak, HVAC units fail and pipes burst in units old and new. As repairs add up, so do expenses, which drop straight to the bottom line.


Property Management 101: Are You Managing to Listen?

We are all guilty of selective hearing. That’s when we subconsciously tune out what someone is saying, maybe grab the key bits of the conversation and move on. Only later do you realize that you may have missed something that you probably should have absorbed. Or that you relayed incorrect information.

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5 Advantages to Using Property Management Software in the Senior Care Market

With more players entering the rapidly growing assisted living and memory care arenas, hands-on management of care practices is more critical than ever. Having the right tools may be the difference between creating a higher, more dependable level of service and having empty rooms.

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5 Signs That You Need Cloud Software to Better Manage Your Vacation Rentals

Stay a step ahead of the growing vacation rental vertical with the right tools It’s no secret that more Americans are turning to vacation rentals over traditional hotels and other lodging. A recent spike in bookings has sent the industry on a growth spurt that the experts say will continue to grow through 2019. Vacation […]

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