Property Management

Property management involves the processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of rental housing properties, including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and disposition. There are many facets to this industry and profession and PMI covers them all.


It’s a Data-Driven World: Apartment Industry Marketing Trends

2015 Aim Conference Recap Leave it to apartment industry marketers to find levity at any conference. May’s Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) conference in Huntington Beach, Calif., was no exception. Co-founder of dating website OkCupid, Christian Rudder, entertained the group during his keynote on how he uses data to cultivate his site, and some front-office “PenFu” […]


Raleigh/Durham Apartment Market Showing Signs of New Momentum

The Triangle apartment market is one of a handful that saw fundamentals weaken under the weight of large supply volumes in 2013 and 2014. But Raleigh/Durham could be turning the corner.

Jacksonville - Labor Market

The Labor Turnover Metric Can Have Major Implications for the Apartment Market

Labor market data is historically complicated to analyze. First of all, monthly employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics comes from two different surveys whose results don’t always line up. Second, similar to most economic data points, the employment results are subject to revision, which can have a dramatic impact on the final result. […]


Multifamily Lending Brief: Q1 2015

MPF Research In the wake of the great recession, the entire financing environment shifted to benefit the multifamily industry. As such, MPF Research will provide high-level, but relevant updates on an on-going, quarterly basis. These updates include details on loan balances by lending category, overall market share, delinquency rates, as well as activity from Fannie […]


Wide Open Spaces: Outdoor Apartment Landscape Ideas

Apartment landscapes aren’t just for pansies anymore. Pretty flowers, shrubs and hedges are getting a lot of competition as community landscapes are muscling up to accommodate a sense of gamesmanship, competition and personal fitness. Recent installations of outdoor lawn chess, disc golf, sand volleyball and interactive fitness trails are becoming more fashionable to engage apartment […]

U.S. Apartment Market

Apartment Rent Growth Levels Hit New Highs For Both New Leases and Renewals

The U.S. apartment industry continues to exceed performance expectations, with real rent growth levels in April 2015 surpassing the cycle’s previous peak set back in 2011. New highs in rent growth were seen for both new resident leases and for renewal leases. April 2015, total lease-over-lease rent growth nationally measured 6.1% — well above the […]

Modern Kitchen

Times are Changing: Remodeling Bathrooms and Kitchens to Attract Residents

America’s living rooms may be losing ground as a place to hang out at home. Remodeled kitchens and bathrooms are more contemporary and now areas that beg for a lingering stay, at least according to the latest data from builders and remodelers in the housing industry. A couple of recent surveys by the National Association […]

Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Multifamily can Pick up the PACE for Improving Energy Efficiency

The greening of America comes at a price. The cost to make buildings – commercial or multifamily – and homes more energy efficient can be steep and payback feel like forever. Energizing Energy Efficiency Fannie Mae recently announced a program to give discounts on interest rates for financing multifamily projects if buildings are energy-certified. And […]


Why Apartment Investors Should Write off the Popular Jobs-per-Demand Metric

Jobs are obviously critical, but they’re only one piece of a complex puzzle How many jobs does it take to create one unit of apartment demand? It’s a common question many investors want answered before pursuing a deal. The jobs-to-demand ratio has become a staple of nearly every apartment investment package, a standard metric alongside […]


Making an Earth-Friendly Landscape: Taking Xeriscaping to the Next Level

Much ado has been made about native landscaping or Xeriscaping, that eco-friendly process of creating landscapes from native plants that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water.  By taking some of its principles and designing virtually maintenance-free landscapes, apartments have an opportunity to not only green their properties but go really green. Earth-friendly landscaping is […]

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