Pittsburgh’s Once-Hot Apartment Market Has Gone Cold

Pittsburgh ranked among the nation’s top-performing apartment markets from 2010 through the first half of 2012 – posting big rent hikes and minimal vacancies. But since then, it’s been a very different story. What happened?

St Louis

Apartment Demand Tailwinds Remain Restrained in St. Louis

Job growth in St. Louis recently hit a nine-year high. But even at that pace, St. Louis remained below the U.S. average for job growth on a relative basis. Combine that with other structural headwinds, and the St. Louis apartment market remained a subpar performer in 2014.


Can San Antonio’s Apartment Sector Catch Up With Its Texas Peers?

San Antonio has been the consistent laggard among Texas’ major apartment markets. Will that change at all in 2015? And will the state’s declining energy fortunes have any impact on San Antonio? Miss part of our series on the Texas apartment market? Catch up on the latest news here: Part 1: Houston Part 2: Dallas/Fort […]


Will a Drop in Energy-Related Tax Revenue Slow Down Austin?

As the Texas capital, Austin is largely dependent on state government … and the tax revenue stream to support it. With energy prices falling and energy exploration declining, how will Austin be impacted? And how does the economic forecast shape the 2015 outlook for the Austin apartment sector? Miss part of our series on the […]


Will Falling Oil Prices Impact the Dallas/Fort Worth Apartment Sector?

In Part 2 of a four-part series on the big four Texas apartment markets, MPF Research updates current conditions in Dallas/Fort Worth and examines its exposure to the energy industry. For the rest of our 4-part Texas apartment market series, check out our coverage below: Part 1: Houston Part 3: Austin Part 4: San Antonio

Houston Apartment Sector

How Will Falling Oil Prices Impact the Houston Apartment Sector?

In Part 1 of a four-part series on the big four Texas apartment markets, MPF Research examines how falling energy prices impacts the Houston outlook. Follow along with the rest of our series on the Lone Star state’s apartment market: Part 2: Dallas/Fort Worth Part 3: Austin Part 4: San Antonio


The Nation’s Top 10 Markets for Rent Growth in 2014

Apartment rent growth accelerated across the country in 2014. Which markets were the best of the best? MPF Research unveils the rent growth leaderboard in this video edition of Apartment Market Dynamics.


Did U.S. Apartment Sector’s Momentum Extend Through 4th Quarter?

The U.S. apartment market outperformed expectations through the first three quarters of 2014. But with a huge supply volume scheduled to deliver in Q4, a period of historical softness in demand, could the industry sustain that momentum? We’ll answer that question in this video edition of Apartment Market Dynamics from MPF Research.


The Nation’s Top 10 Submarkets for New Apartment Development

What submarkets are seeing the most apartment development in this cycle, and what’s driving the boom? MPF Research counts down the top 10.


Apartment Vacancies Decline in Connecticut, But Rent Growth Remains Limited

The Connecticut apartment market continues to see vacancy levels dwindle, but that hasn’t provided any boost to rent growth levels – following a pattern seen throughout the Northeast region of the country.

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