4 Things to Look for in an Electronic Signature Provider

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The advent of the electronic signature has been celebrated in every contract-laden business, and ours is no exception. The electronic signature frees renters from a trip to the front office during leasing, making the leasing process convenient and paperless while saving the front office staff time. Now renters can take care of leasing from front to back, complete with a final electronic signature, anytime and anyplace.

Finding an Electronic Signature Provider

Today, over a dozen companies offer electronic signature solutions. And while all accomplish the basic result – a legally binding electronic signature that replaces hand signing, scanning and storage of paper documents – there are differences that range from subtle to very significant.

Here are four important things to look at in choosing an electronic signature provider:


A growing issue for many in the property management space is data security.  Leasing involves people’s personal and financial information, and with the alarming increase in data breaches that make the news almost daily, it’s an absolute must that your electronic signature provider has the highest security standards. Standards to look for include IS0 27001 and SSAE 16.


Convenience is a central benefit delivered by the electronic signature, so it’s essential that your solution works on as many platforms as possible. This gives renters the luxury of “anytime, anyplace, any device.” RealPage partners with DocuSign®, the industry leader in electronic signature technology, to allow customers to easily sign documents without ever picking up a pen.

Electronic Signature Multifamily


You want your electronic signature solution to be integrated seamlessly into a comprehensive document management system that reduces to the greatest extent the time-consuming printing, filing and scanning of documents. It’s not just the electronic signature that matters; it’s the way it works within a streamlined, document handling process. The right solution will make things even easier for your business by creating templated forms that can be generated for any signer without additional set-up.


One important difference between electronic signature solutions is how they charge for their services. Look for a solution without a limit to the number of transactions, so you don’t have to pay on a per-document basis. Otherwise, you might be setting yourself up for a surprise when the invoice arrives, despite that seemingly “low” price.

RealPage offers a comprehensive document management system that puts everything your people need right at their fingertips.  Interested in learning more? Check out the document management solutions available for your business today.


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