5 Reasons Your Renters and Prospects Prefer Online Leasing


Online Leasing is Convient for Renters

Online leasing keeps your leasing office open 24/7.

Chances are that many of your renters and prospects haven’t given a great deal of thought about how they’d prefer to go through the leasing process. But even if it’s not a conscious choice, online leasing is going to win virtually every time. Here are five reasons why:

1. Convenience

Your leasing office probably isn’t open 24/7, but your online leasing office can be. For prospects, balancing an apartment search around a busy schedule can be difficult, especially if they’re searching in another city. With online leasing, your prospects might not even have to meet with your leasing staff until it’s time to pick up their keys. And for your current residents, online renewals are much more convenient than scheduled visits to the leasing office.

2. Assurance

With online leasing, your prospects can see what apartments are available in real time and even sign up for the units they want. For a prospect concerned about losing a spot—just like a traveler concerned about getting a seat on a flight—it’s a relief to be able to reserve a place online. That reservation has an added bonus—it means the prospect is less likely to keep shopping around with your competitors, and that can help you close leases.

3. Less face-to-face time

For every resident and prospect who wants to get to know your staff, there’s another one who just isn’t interested. Whether they’re a little more introverted or just reluctant to get what they perceive to be a sales pitch, these people would rather keep a little bit of distance and complete their transactions via computer. Online leasing gives them that opportunity.

4. Speed

Whether they’re completing the forms from their own homes, from work, or in kiosks in your leasing office, prospects and residents are going to be able to enter their information much faster online than on paper. There’s less duplication, less handwriting, less fuss.

5. Accuracy

How often have you ended up with incorrect information in your system because someone’s handwriting on a form was hard to read? Or because your leasing agent misheard a number or name while entering info in the system for a new resident? Those are headaches for you, but headaches for your prospects and residents, too. No one likes to have his or her name misspelled or have the wrong phone number in the system. When your prospects and residents enter their own information, it’s going to be more accurate, and that will benefit them as much as you. As a bonus, having your prospects and residents enter their own information can potentially save you from liability if anything is entered incorrectly.

For those of you who use online leasing, have you found that your prospects and residents appreciate the experience? And if you don’t use online leasing, what’s holding you back?


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