Want to Host a Fun, Flawless Final Four Party? Five Tips for Making Your Clubhouse Event a Slam Dunk


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We’re at the end of a March Madness season that defied expectations. Hardly anyone except for one fourth-grader in Camden, South Carolina, predicted the top four college basketball teams, and the series of upsets that led us to this point have generated a lot of buzz for the final games. This might be a great time to throw a party at your clubhouse. But whether you’re celebrating a terrific basketball season or something else entirely, here are some guidelines to keep you from shooting air balls:

Huddle up.

Do you want to attract current residents, new ones, or both? Create some SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based) objectives.

Work on your play book.

Make sure you know what else is going on in your area so that you can choose your date and time accordingly. Who are you inviting? What activities will you have? (A free throw contest? A game of “squares”? If you charge for games, be sure you’re complying with your state’s gambling laws.) Pick fun, themed prizes and activities that get people through the door. Choose your food and beverages and work up a timeline so you and your partygoers know what to expect, with a minimum of downtime. Assign your staff.

Know your strategy.

Figure out how much you want to spend on the event. If you want to attract new residents, do you have a goal of signing X new leases during the event? If you’re targeting current residents, do you have a goal of signing renewals? Or is it just a networking social? Have clear goals so it will be easier to measure and report your success afterward.

Get your players ready.

Take care of as many details in advance as possible to avoid a last-minute scramble. Market the event! Make sure you have plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages available, as well as trash and recycling bins. Have an emergency plan. Make it memorable for the guests.

A note about alcohol: Never let your staff serve alcohol. If you do intend to have alcohol at the event, please consult your attorney to ensure that you comply with laws concerning the service of alcohol.

Take the shot!

Before the party starts, program your cell phone with the numbers of vendors you’re working with, local police and fire departments, etc. Dress comfortably, greet each guest, relax, and enjoy the event! You worked hard for it. Let’s hope it’s a slam dunk.


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Stacey Blackwell is a Contributing Editor for PropertyManagementInsider.com. She is also a Marketing Specialist for RealPage, a provider of on-demand software solutions that integrate and streamline single-family and a wide variety of multi-family rental property management business functions, where she is responsible for planning and coordinating corporate events including trade shows, conferences, meetings, an incentive trip, and more. Stacey received her education at The University of North Texas where she majored in marketing. She is certified in trade show marketing (CTSM) and meeting planning (CMP).

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