7 Must-Have Features of a Learning Management System

learning management system


What if there were a better way to rally property management teams around educational initiatives that’ll improve engagement? The right learning management system software can revolutionize your training strategy.

Before you invest, the best learning management systems out there for multifamily professionals should include, at the very least, the following seven features:

1. Complete Content Coverage

Software that can host, create, and deliver interactive multifamily-specific soft skills training, product training and any of your own custom created training.

2. Motivational Mechanics

By focusing on active engagement, the ideal system creates long-term motivation and recognition centered on learning. A system like EasyLMS from RealPage keeps everyone engaged and ready to learn.

3. 100% Customizable

Add your own logo, color scheme, automated email notifications, certificates for course completions, FAQs and other company-specific resources.

4. Mobile Friendly

Launch a course anywhere, anytime, on any smart device, with an interface that features responsive design and mobile-ready courseware.

learning management system

5. Intuitive Dashboards

Easy-to-use and package that’s quick to implement. Progress dashboards should clearly illustrate progress and next action for all users.

6. Reporting

Easily tracks the metrics you need, with the ability to run and save custom reports and schedule delivery to your inbox.

7. Autopilot-Enabled

Syncs with your HR System’s Data to update user information, manages organizational updates, and assigns courseware any time.

Delivering the best learning experience, motivating employees to learn, and providing the best tools to support what employees do every day is key. Sam Brooks, MIIS direction at KMG Prestige talks about his company’s experience with RealPage’s EasyLMS.

Learn more about how to motivate your property management teams to always be learning.


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