Does Your Apartment Marketing and Online Leasing Include Multi-Screen Functionality?


Graphic: The New Multi-Screen World from GoogleGoogle recently released the results of a study called “The New Multi-Screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior,” which examines how people in the U.S. are using a combination of phones, tablets, computers, and TVs to consume digital content and conduct online activities.

The marketing survey found that 90% of media consumption occurs in front of a screen. This cross-platform behavior is quickly becoming the norm, and understanding it has become an imperative for businesses. Here is one particular insight from their latest research:

90% of consumers begin a task on one device and then complete it on another device.

That part really jumped out at me: consumers using multiple devices to accomplish goals or tasks, including online shopping. That got me thinking about online leasing and the importance of allowing potential renters, and your renewing residents for that matter, to research and lease apartments how and when they want, regardless of device.

Everything Starts With the Smartphone

According to the research, smartphones are the most common devices used for beginning online activities.

Graphic Showing the Starting Place for Online Activities

Does that include hunting for apartments? While that activity is not specifically mentioned on the chart, search is the number one online activity started on a smartphone. Can your apartment website be easily found by search engines and is it mobile-enabled for optimal viewing?

Taking a Multi-Device Path to Purchase

The study also shows how consumers use multiple devices during the purchasing process.

Graphic: Consumers Take a Multi-Device Path to Purchase

Meaning, if potential renters start their leasing experience on one device, your digital premises MUST allow them the option to continue that process on another device.

And let’s not forget that the leasing process itself isn’t necessarily a linear process—it can encompass online and offline behavior. One example of such behavior is finding a property online, making a personal visit and completing a guest card on site, then completing the leasing process online at a later date.

Apartment Marketing Takeaway: It’s a Multi-Device World

There is no better digital premise for an apartment property to quantify and communicate value, show offerings and list services to establish and maintain the highest possible occupancy rates in the market than a properly optimized and maintained website.

However, if your websites are currently not optimized for cross-platform consumption, then start planning to do so. Because if you don’t, you’ll be quickly left behind.

The New Multi-Screen World by Google



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2 responses to “Does Your Apartment Marketing and Online Leasing Include Multi-Screen Functionality?”

  1. Keith says:

    Great article Michael. The bottom line is consumers demand convenience when they research, buy, and pay bills online. I saw a study the other day that said 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile phones within arms-reach 24/7. It’s hard to ignore a device that is so vital to most American’s lives.

  2. Sean says:

    Any recommendations on mobile-facing leasing application API’s? Other mobile leasing applications? I’m looking for single-site solutions that take the visitor from home page through online leasing in a seamless platform-agnostic experience. Thanks for the great article!

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