Top 3 Trends Apartment Marketers Should Not Ignore


There are hundreds of emerging trends to keep up with in apartment marketing right now. So how do you pick and choose which ones are best for your brand? Depending on your goals for the year, the list of must-haves can prove overwhelming. Lucky you, I’ve narrowed down what I’ve observed to be the top three trends to keep top of mind before wasting thousands on marketing efforts.

The Convergence of POSE Media

The convergence of paid-owned-shared-earned (POSE) media is completely disrupting how marketers … market. Those who do not integrate and align their POSE are now at a disadvantage.

What do we mean by POSE? Paid is brand content enabled through payment (includes paid search, sponsored content, promotions, advertising, etc.); owned is brand content published on a brand’s channel (includes websites, social media channels, blogs, apps); shared is consumer content enabled by a third party (includes organic search, forums, user-generated content, “likes” and retweets or comments, etc.); and earned is consumer content enabled by a third party (media coverage, etc.).

Paid media by itself no longer works. Brands must leverage paid and owned in order to scale. In our world, the goal is amplification—spreading messages to connect with customers and leveraging POSE to drive effectiveness, achieve authenticity, cultivate ideas, and cut through the noise.

The Power of Now and Real-Time Marketing

Brands must foster a sense of urgency in their strategies, across content marketing channels, in their messaging, with audiences (online and off), and in developing products. Relevancy has a deadline—just look at the big brands who capitalized on the lights going out at the Super Bowl earlier this year. Twitter reported it took just four minutes after the lights went out for the first advertiser to bid on “power outage” as a search term. When Oreo tweeted, “No power? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.,” it was retweeted nearly 15,000 times and won respect for making the most of the situation. And Calvin Klein embraced not only the blackout, but also the hottest trend in social media by sending a Vine video—a mobile service that lets you capture and share short, six-second looping videos—days after it was first introduced.

Real-time response takes planning: brand command centers for social listening and analyzing, stakeholder alignment, empowerment of employees, flexible strategies and an amount of risk-taking that aligns with your overall goals.

Net Promoter Score

So, just how likely are your prospects/customers to recommend your brand? Don’t underestimate the power of The Net Promoter Score (or, in this case, word-of-mouth among brand advocates). Brand advocates are out there, and they drive loyalty by acting as a powerful marketing force. Advocates also have a want and need to influence others. In fact, enthusiasts will go out of their way to educate others about your brand, defending it against negative word-of-mouth, building communities of other brand enthusiasts (driving engagement), and reminding others why they patronize your business in the first place.

Be wary of making your brand advocates feel as if they’re being used. If you have to give them something in exchange for their touting your praises, you aren’t doing it right. And don’t forget: at our core, people do not like their relationships to be monetized as a commodity. It’s about developing an authentic relationship between your brand and prospects/consumers.

Do you have your own trends to share? Tell us about some of the top ones on your list in the comments below.



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Lea Lashley is a Contributing Editor for She focuses on marketing and social media strategies at RealPage, Inc. She has spent nearly 15 years in marketing and communications, and was recently an adjunct professor at the master’s level in social and digital media marketing at the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. Lea received her education at the University of North Texas where she majored in English Literature.
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2 responses to “Top 3 Trends Apartment Marketers Should Not Ignore”

  1. Eric Brown says:

    Excellent Article Lea, well articulated.
    We have been talking about Becoming Your Own Branded Media for a while, and I I question how many apartment operators, or apartment marketers understand or yet care about Paid, Owned, Shared, Earned Media?

    When all you have done for decades is place ads with the magazines or now the fleeting ILS’s, this may seem daunting.

  2. Lea Lashley says:

    Thank you, Eric! Daunting, perhaps. But once apartment marketers begin to see how using the POSE framework to create an ecology will increase results of their media spend and build trust among prospects (not to mention the fact that it’s scalable and repeatable), it will get easier for them to embrace. After all, deciding where you live is emotional, so why not take the route of building the trust to ultimately increase the bottom line!

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