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With peak leasing season right around the corner, it’s time for apartment communities to take a good look at their websites. If your apartment website isn’t optimized for search engines, you’re missing opportunities to attract prospects online. Backlinko examined 1 million Google search results and discovered a lot about best practices in SEO for 2017 that your property can implement.

Let’s talk user experience

Site speed, smooth navigation and overall user experience is key this year. User experience (UX) refers to the degree of satisfaction a user has when interacting with your site, specifically in terms of navigation and ease of use. Is your website providing the best user experience for potential residents? Backlinko reports that renters are using mobile devices and to search for apartments, more than ever before. Taking measures to make sure your site has a responsive design will ensure users can access your content from mobile devices. Backlinko revealed fast-loading sites rank significantly higher than pages on slow-loading sites, primarily due to lower bounce rates.

Flawless site navigation and easily accessible information provide potential residents with a more engaging session on your site and are more likely to convert to a lead.

Content is still king

It’s time to cut the keyword stuffing and create relevant, quality content. Years ago, it was all about keywords, keywords, keywords. However, the practice of keyword stuffing can actually do more harm than good for your site. In fact, Backlinko found a very small correlation between title tag keyword optimization and ranking.

Sites with content considered “topically relevant” significantly outperformed sites that didn’t cover a topic in-depth. Publishing concise, focused content that covers a single topic proves more beneficial to users and may help effectively improve rankings.

Backlinking is the secret sauce

Backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor. Backlinks or an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another shows the relevancy of your site. Having a positive online reputation can help boost your rankings. Since many review sites can be a good source for backlinks, establishing a positive online reputation management is an important factor in creating higher ranking websites. According to an article published by SEMrush, nearly 90% of consumers say that they are highly influenced by online reviews.

Backlinko revealed the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor.

When constructing a strategy to enhance your website this year, it is important to consider changes in Google algorithms, SEO best practices and overall user experience. Consider using these best practices to get your apartment website in front of more, quality prospects.


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Larissa currently serves as a Web Marketing Specialist for the LeaseStar Marketing Division of RealPage, a provider of on-demand software solutions that integrate and streamline single-family and a wide variety of multifamily rental property management business functions. Her background includes search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) advisement, utilization of marketing and keyword research, website optimization, as well as advertising budget management. She specializes in determining the best strategies to increase visibility on major search engines, and increase revenue across her client’s marketing solutions.

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