Are Cordless and Wireless Devices Creating a Nightmare for Multifamily Properties?



Netflix is creating a cordless nightmare for traditional media—and other traditional media companies like Disney, Fox, and Viacom are feeling the pain as consumers drop their cable and satellite TV services in favor of video streaming from online start-ups like Netflix (according to a recent article from Institutional Investor.)

While Netflix leads the way in cordless media, new players are joining the game. Competitors like Amazon Prime and Facebook are already giving the company a run for its money by offering low-cost and free video streaming options—and internet subscription service models continue to hit the market (hello, YouTube Red!). As users spend more time online, Google Fiber has also responded by introducing new infrastructure that supports super-fast internet. The move toward cordless devices is much more than a trend created by one company—it represents a shift in viewing behavior that will deeply impact our culture and the nature of business practices across industries.


So what does this mean for multifamily apartment homes? Has the shiny object that is Wi-Fi distracted property owners from the basic necessities of sound communications infrastructure design? Ever-increasing demands for bandwidth are creating wireless traffic jams not unlike rush hour in Los Angeles. The drive to gigabit services means owners must get back to basic blocking and tackling by ensuring their properties have well designed wireless infrastructure.

Interested in learning more? Resident Technology Services will be moderating a panel on this very subject at this year’s NMHC OpTech conference. Multifamily technology experts will discuss what the shift toward cordless devices means for the existing and planned telecom infrastructure in apartment communities, and how property management professionals can plan for a future where information, news and entertainment are delivered in a whole new way.

Digested from “Netflix Is Creating a Cordless Nightmare for Traditional Media”

Institutional Investor (10/5/15) Kandell, Jonathan


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Steve Sadler is the Director of Resident Technology Services at RealPage, Inc. and possesses over 30 years of telecommunications design and specification experience. Prior to working at RealPage, he held the position of vice president of strategic business services (SBS) with Post Properties headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Steve has been co-chairman of the MDU Education Series at the annual Broadband Communities Magazine Summit for the past four years and also served on the Telecommunications Advisory Committee for the National Multihousing Council.

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