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Chris Lee is President of Dallas, Texas-based Earthworks, which specializes in multifamily housing landscaping. He is a contributing author to Landscape Management magazine, licensed irrigation specialist and a Toro Intellisense certified technician. Chris studied business at the University of Arkansas from 1990-94 and horticulture and landscape design at Tarrant County College from 1999-01. He has been employed at Earthworks since 1998.

Water Conservation Tips for Apartment Properties: Cycle and Soak Irrigation Systems

Property managers are continually irrigating with narrowing watering windows to keep landscapes healthy and green but that doesn’t stop potential run off from sprinklers or over saturation of an area of the landscape. Turns out watering a little bit at a time with the cycle and soak method is much more effective and eco-friendly.

How Smart Irrigation Reduces Property Management Costs

Smart irrigation systems can not only help property management companies conserve water while keeping apartment landscaping looking lush and green, they help owners and operators more closely monitor expenses.

Mosquito Control Tips for Apartment Properties

Controlling mosquitoes on apartment properties can be as high-tech as integrating treatment with an existing irrigation system or as low-tech as manual inspections to eliminate or treat potential breeding grounds.

Image of Crape Myrtle Trees

Crape Myrtle Trees: Proper Care for Apartment Communities

Contrary to popular belief, caring for a Crape Myrtle tree isn’t simply about lopping off branches close to the ground. Actually, gentle pruning and clearing of seed pods before or during spring ensure year-round beauty for these trees, which are popular at apartment communities in the South.

Four Apartment Landscape Tips to Get Your Property Ready For Spring

Winter is a time when many plants are dormant, but they need a little help to make their spring entrance vivid and spectacular. A winter cleanup that includes culling grasses, cutting back perennials, and performing major reductions for shrubs is a good way to ready the landscape for the upcoming growing season.

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