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David Wegman is a Senior Market Analyst for MPF Research, the market intelligence arm of RealPage. Mr. Wegman has eight years of commercial and residential real estate research experience. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics, an MBA in corporate finance, and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Mr. Wegman is a current member of the DFW Association for Business Economics and holds a real estate broker license in the state of Texas.

Jacksonville - Labor Market

The Labor Turnover Metric Can Have Major Implications for the Apartment Market

Labor market data is historically complicated to analyze. First of all, monthly employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics comes from two different surveys whose results don’t always line up. Second, similar to most economic data points, the employment results are subject to revision, which can have a dramatic impact on the final result.[]

Homeownership Trends by Age of Household

What does the propensity to rent tell us about the renter pool? You can gain a new perspective by breaking down complex subject matter into smaller digestible parts. When analyzing the apartment sector, factors that determine the health of the market could be simplified into three core data points: capital market, labor market, and demographics.[]

Income and Rents: It Takes Money to Make Money

As apartment rents continue to trend higher, real estate economists are worried income growth isn’t keeping up. After all, an increase in rent means residents are forced to allocate a higher percentage of their income to housing if their paychecks don’t also increase proportionately. Investors, especially in Class B and C assets, are worried that[]

Home Price and Ownership Trends and How They Impact the Depth of a Renter Pool

Analyzing single-family affordability is an important data point to understanding the current and potential size of a metro’s renter pool. In other words, it’s another pin in the map to help you forecast. Here’s what we mean: The U.S. average for single-family home prices was four times larger the national median income. If we use[]

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