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Vice President of Education and Consulting, SatisFacts Research

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Lia Smith career in training, property management and marketing began in the mid 1990′s. Lia began her training career at Nextel Communications, where she was responsible for training over 1,000 Customer Care Representatives. She then embarked on a new career in property management as a Leasing Associate with Lincoln Property Company, and steadily moved up the ranks. Lia was able to merge the worlds of training and property management when in 2006 she became Director of Training and Marketing at SPM Property Management, a 14,000+ unit portfolio; this included creating SPM Academy and a Learning Management System. She also developed and managed SPM’s resident feedback program, and was responsible for providing post-survey action planning support for property teams and management. Lia has proven experience in solving training and resident retention challenges for market, affordable, senior, tax credit and student communities. These experiences have helped Lia relate to both onsite and corporate associates. Lastly, Lia has presented at key industry events such as MultifamilyPro Brainstorming on topics related to developing the operational and service skills of onsite and executive level teams. Lia Joined the SatisFacts team in 2011 as VP of Education and Consulting.

Turning a Bad Turn Day into a Good One with Technology

Hours upon hours and days upon days can be spent planning and executing student housing lease-ups. Vendor schedules must be coordinated, leases approved, apartments assigned and roommates matched. Property management technology can assist but the sweat of the brow is often necessary. Most of all, listening to students and parents as they embark upon one[]

Win the Chess Match of Resident Retention in 2 Moves

Check Mate: Win the Chess Match of Resident Retention in 2 Moves

The renewal process is much like a chess match. Management makes the first move with a renewal notice and residents respond accordingly. Here are two easy moves management teams can execute to ensure the resident retention chess match ends in their favor.

Resident Retention is all About Value

Can You Afford to Lose 61% of Your Apartment Residents?

There will always be businesses and services that we would gladly pay more for because of the perceived value. Our apartment residents feel the same way about us: Securing more renewals begins by understanding what is most important.

Improving Lease Renewals by Anticipating Problems & Meeting Expectations

Residents want fast and complete resolutions to their issues and concerns and need to know the management team is looking out for their best interest. For property management teams, it comes down to two things: Anticipate problems and plan ahead – and should things not go so smoothly, make a remarkable recovery.

The Top Four Drivers of Resident Retention

No matter how great you are with residents or how much they enjoy living at your community, there will be a certain percentage that chooses not to renew. As varied as those reasons are, they can be grouped into one of four drivers of resident retention.

Why Number 275 is Essential to Lease Renewals

What does the number 275 have to do with the success or failure to renew leases at your apartment property? It’s all about the opportunity to leave a good impression.

Stop Sabotaging Great First Impressions by Your Leasing Associates

Have you ever had an apartment tour where things started off great and then went downhill really fast? From the onset, things are looking good and the first impression is stellar. Then everything changes when the prospect leaves the leasing center. Maybe you’re sabotaging those first impressions. Here’s how to stop.

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