Mark Cukro

Owner, Service Team Training

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Mark Cukro owns and operates Service Team Training in Harrisburg, N.C. (, which specializes in service team development in the multifamily housing industry. He is an award winning Certified Pool Operator Instructor for the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Cukro also was the Director of Service Team Development for Colonial Properties Trust, Inc, a New York Stock Exchange traded company with 148 properties and over 48,000 apartment homes. Mark’s certifications include CAPS, CAMT1, CAMTII, EPA Proctor for HVAC/CFC 608 and 609.

Green Landscaping Isn’t Limiting Multifamily Sustainable Practices To The Indoors

The perfect time to leave a truly green mark on an apartment’s landscape is during the renovation. Property rehabilitation can not only upgrade the look and feel inside but improve out-of-date landscapes with a more modern – and sensible – look that’s environmentally pleasing. Previous perceptions that green landscapes are boring and costly are being[]

Discover Your Property’s Value, Fast (No Complex Formulas Needed)

Do you know what your building or portfolio is worth today? Maybe you have an approximation, but do you know the exact answer, based on today’s occupancy rates, market data, operating costs and other factors? If your answer is yes, chances are, it took a lengthy process to get there. Determining the value of a[]

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