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Salvatore Friscia is a real estate entrepreneur and owner of two San Diego based residential real estate companies: San Diego Premier Property Management and Tenant Finder. He is widely considered a residential property management expert and is consistently sought out for his expertise in the San Diego market. He’s an Amazon best selling author and has been featured on CNBC News, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and many other prominent media outlets.

Unique Valuation Model Required for Mixed-Use Asset Success

Mixed-use properties are drawing considerable interest by investors in the multifamily and commercial spaces. Walkable communities and transit oriented development are creating new opportunities for not only developers but renters and business owners as well. Partners at Goulston & Storrs, one of the largest retail real estate law firms in the U.S., say mixed-use assets[]

Onsite Energy Generation and Weather

A friend of mine and I were chatting about on-site energy generation and what to do when the seasons change. Specifically, solar pool heating. “I turn my system off in the winter,” he said. As we are in California and our climate is very mild, I was surprised. “Why? What kind of system do you[]

How Data Analytics is Driving Multifamily Portfolio Outperformance

This year’s RealWorld conference will be packed with sessions illustrating how artificial intelligence, business intelligence, benchmarking, revenue management and other cutting-edge data-crunching technologies have become the secret weapons of asset managers chasing maximum multifamily portfolio performance. “These tools have come into their own and are delivering big impacts,” says RealPage’s Keith Dunkin.“What were once esoteric[]

RealWorld 2019: Connect. Discover. Exceed.

The property management industry cannot sit still. It doesn’t have time, because the speed of business – even the pace of the world – just doesn’t conform to neutral. Along with analytical complexities, innovation and heightened consumer expectations are driving the advancement in the industry. On one front, information technology is racking up data at an[]

Improving Expense Management with Mobile Facilities

Expense management is critical at any point during a run, but as cycles wane the need for preserving a budget lead or making up lost ground becomes more important. Eyes on spending get sharply focused on all operational facets, especially facilities management. The multifamily industry’s return to “normal” in 2018 has cast more attention on[]

Future Renters and Apartment Demand Factors

Future Renters and Apartment Demand Factors

As discussed in RealWorld 2018 sessions  As the apartment industry runs through its cycles, changes in apartment demand and demographics are fostered by economic fluctuation. And with the expectation that the economy is on the cusp of a new direction, multifamily strategies are likely to shift. Various factors dictate apartment demand and how future renters[]

Smart Home Technology for Energy Efficiency

Smart Home Technology for Energy Efficiency

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the nation by storm. However, its value to an apartment operation is as varied as the nation’s rental product itself. While home chore automation and security have inspired a surge of innovation and enthusiasm, a more direct and obvious driver of cost recovery is already in place for[]

Fixing the “Forgetting Curve” in Multifamily Learning

RealPage Vice President of Learning Solutions Katie McCaslin recently has been circulating a shocking factoid: 70% of what employees learn in training is forgotten within just 24 hours. That’s like throwing away $42 billion of the $60 billion spent on employee training in the U.S. each year. And it gets worse: after only a week,[]


Are You Looking In The Right Places For Value?

For almost a decade, the multifamily industry has experienced unprecedented growth. Occupancies have been as high as ever while the Bull Run on rents continues to surprise even the most seasoned industry observers. Capital has followed this growth, with new supply arriving to absorb historic demand in most markets. The surge in both demand and[]

apartment market research

New from MPF Research: Metro Leaders for Inventory Growth, Occupancy Declines and Permits

MPF Research provides actionable apartment market research to apartment investors and operators. Here’s the latest from RealPage’s multifamily intelligence division. Elevated supply volumes common in markets with largest occupancy declines In 3rd quarter 2017, 48 of the top 50 metros recorded occupancy rates below the year-earlier level. Among the 10 major markets with the steepest[]

landscaping and decor

The Hidden Benefits of Landscaping and Décor

Digested from “Property Management: Cost Saving Tips on Landscaping, Design, & Décor.” San Diego Premier Property Management. Friscia, Salvatore. In property management, first impressions matter. A prospect’s opinion of your property begins to form the moment they pull up, and can determine whether a lease is signed or lost to the competition. To draw new[]

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