Tim Haddon

Director of Strategic Business Services, PK Management

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Tim Haddon is director of strategic business services with PK Management, having come from Fairfield Residential. Tim is an advocate of utility management and conservation as a member of an internal Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce. Earlier in life Tim worked in residential construction and earned his BA from Kent State University. Haddon is an avid cyclist. He is the captain of Cheryl’s Crew, a cycling team that raises money for Multiple Sclerosis research. Spare time is rare, but Haddon is also fond of motorcycles and snow mobiles.

Connecting with the Power of Data

Data is everywhere. Everything we do with any consistency can be broken down into specific data points, then trended and analyzed. We see it every day. From our phones telling us how long it takes to get to work without our asking, to suggested Amazon purchases in our Facebook feeds, to cold calls and spam[]

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