Beyond Basic Training: Multiply Staff Value With Ongoing Software Learning

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Considering that your employees represent your greatest (and most expensive) asset, shouldn’t you be increasing their value over time just as you would any other investment?

Almost every function in property management now involves software. That’s why it’s shocking how many PMCs invest heavily in software, but minimally in training their people to get the most out of it and improve their performance over time.

It’s a little like paying $600 for an iPhone and then using it exclusively for phone calls and texting.

Training your apartment staff

Traditional (and increasingly obsolete) training includes only general multifamily industry knowledge: compliance, HR, customer service, marketing and other “soft knowledge” that doesn’t begin to touch on the specific hands-on knowledge that greatly increases an employee’s value to your company.

More and more, this “value added” knowledge involves the multifamily software your employees use every day to get their jobs done. But unfortunately, it’s a rare employee who volunteers for more training than is required to handle the basics. They just want to get on with their work. That’s why it’s so critical to have a formal learning program in place that motivates and rewards employees for ongoing training.

RealPage’s Easy LMS (Learning Management System), for example, taps into the inborn love of achievement and competition to spur staff to increase their status by racking up more and more skills and abilities as they pursue online software training. It also provides an easy way for management to monitor who is learning what, and to prod those who are slacking off to devote more time to improving their skill sets.

Unlike “basic training” courses covering only general industry knowledge and compliance, EasyLMS concentrates all company learning in a single platform, including training on all software (RealPage or not), industry and compliance training, and any custom training your company creates. There’s a single point of access to learning, rather than silos of training attached to separate applications.

You can create roadmaps and timetables for expected learning (both industry-related and software-related) for everyone in the company, whether in operations, HR, marketing, leasing or any other department. Learning becomes an integrated, ongoing and even rewarding part of your people’s jobs, rather than something to be put off or avoided altogether.

Leverage your employee skill sets

With the possible exceptions of the wheel, ship and assembly line, computer software is the most empowering technical achievement in human history. Today, your employees’ value to your company is completely dependent on their ability to leverage it to the fullest. Without a comprehensive learning management system such as EasyLMS in place, human nature takes over – the instinct to just “get the job done” rather than take the time to explore and master how to do it better. And you want your people to be their best. Learn more about how a multifamily eLearning System will maximize your most valuable asset.


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Based in New Orleans, Guy Lyman is a professional writer with over 25 years’ experience writing about multifamily and commercial real estate. Lyman is a frequent contributor and writer for the Property Management Insider blog.

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