Will Car Elevators Become the Next Apartment Amenity?


The poop hit the fan for Mitt Romney back in March when plans for the renovation of his $12 million La Jolla beach house were leaked to the press and spread across the Web. What really got people riled up was the inclusion of a car elevator.

Fancy car in a special elevator
Life in the fast lane: Supercar owners in this exclusive Singaporean high-rise apartment block can admire their motors from their living rooms thanks to a special elevator


Stick with me on this. This is not a political post, but rather a thought about the potential future of car elevators in densely populated urban environments.

Could car elevators be like the first iterations of a new technology or invention? First adopters always pay a premium before the technology becomes mainstream and more affordable. Why couldn’t this happen to car elevators?

Demand for Car Elevators is Growing

Consider this quote from a June article in Forbes Magazine:

“It may not be a common home feature, but its popularity is growing rapidly,” claims Brad Davies, owner of American Custom Lifts, an Escondido, Calif. company. “We have 19 on order right now; it used to be 2 to 3 on order each month.”

Now while these elevators may be slowing gaining in popularity, they’re probably not very cost effective…yet. As urban population centers continue to grow, livable and usable space will be at a premium. Take New York, for example: development trends point towards building smaller units in apartment buildings. As the city tries to accommodate more people, how will it accommodate parking (Short of banning cars altogether)?

Perhaps Hamilton Parks, a 30-story development in Singapore, is a sign of things to come.

Urban Space is at a Premium

With space at a premium in the city, designers created an “en suite garage” where residents use a special elevator to transport their cars to, and then park them in their apartments.

Each apartment gets two “en suite garages” apart from residents in the penthouse…who have four.

So whether you agree with Romney’s politics or not, at least he’s not parking his cars in the living room.

What do you think? Will car elevators eventually become an amenity or will they always remain a novelty for the rich?



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