Cracking the Creepy Crawlies: 6 Major Myths about Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Myths


Besting the Bed Bugs

According to, bed bugs are described as small, reddish-brown, parasitic insects that feed on both animals and people. These bugs can be found all around the world from North and South America to Africa, Asia, and Europe. Not only are these pests are often a huge pain for property managers to get rid of, these bugs can also transmit diseases.

If proper precautions aren’t taken, this could pose significant risks to a property’s residents. Debunking just some of the most common myths is the first step to understanding how to rid your property of the persistent pests. Here’s a shareable infographic on some of the biggest bed bug myths:

Bed Bugs

This article originally appeared as 1o Myths About Bed Bugs Property Managers Need to Know

If you suspect your property may have these creepy crawlies, seek help from a professional specializing in pest prevention as soon as possible. Share this helpful graphic with your colleagues in your community.

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