How to Create Lead-Generating Content that Embodies Senior Living

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Just a mention of amenities at a senior living property on a website is not always enough to engage prospective residents. With more than one family member often making a move-in decision, skimming the surface won’t do.

As consumers’ specific needs increase for using online resources for everything from buying food to finding a place to live, website content has to be dialed in to promote a lifestyle. Even if it comes down to a cute poodle doing the selling.

Sheena Pabari, vice president of Content Services at RealPage, Inc., says that a personalized approach to websites that tells a story through photos, videos, 3D imagery and storybooks drives lead conversions.

For example, a property running a leasing campaign that focuses on its pet-friendly amenities should offer a glimpse of what owning a pet and living on the property would be like through targeted content. The urban infill apartments may be best suited for smaller animals, so content should be directed to lap dogs, not Great Danes.

“In that case, we would make sure the property has a big selection of poodle related images,” Pabari said. “We’re not trying to focus on just selling the amenities but focusing on the peripheral that comes with that.”

In senior, selling a lifestyle is key to lead conversion

Selling a lifestyle is probably the most important in the senior vertical, she said, because the resident often isn’t the only one making the decision to move. Effective visuals are essential so that everyone in the family can tour the property, even those who can’t visit the community in person because they live far away.

Being able to “walk-through” a floor plan and see detailed videos and photos of amenities that suit their parents’ lifestyle – down to the dog wash station fit for a poodle – is comforting.

Even more encouraging for the PMC is having another tool to convert a lead.

“PMCs need to think about the lifestyle they want to sell,” Pabari said. “It’s thinking about how to ensure having good visuals of what the day-to-day life in that community would look like. In addition to that, it’s using the content you create to be able to really drive lead conversions.”

Blending interior, exterior images to tell a story

Seeing is believing, Pabari says.

RealPage has redefined website content by blending images inside and outside of properties so prospects can see and read the full story.

Typically the first place the prospects are introduced to the property is the website. It’s there that the property has a prime opportunity to tell its story through targeted visuals of the living experience, right down to the floor plan.

A virtual tour of the property that interacts with Google Streetview and Matterport 3D spaces and 360 panoramic images is as if the prospect was on the property.

Matterport spaces are the new way of viewing and experiencing properties, enabling prospects to get a full walk-through in an interactive environment they control. Combined with Google-verified cameras that capture images of a property uploaded to Google Streetview, the visuals are a powerful combination.

In addition, animated storybooks featuring amenities that promote a particular lifestyle add greater zest to the presentation.

“If you think about Googling the local shopping center or the local hotel, you can now pull up that shopping center or hotel and preview images of what they look like and walk through them,” Pabari said. “In a hotel, you can see what that lobby looks like, preview what the bedrooms look like. We should have the same capabilities in the multifamily sector.”

Reassuring resident and family in making the right decision

Done right, an interactive web tour can be convincing enough for a resident and family to sign a lease without seeing the property in person, she added.

“This is a great way of providing that level of assurance that mom and pop are going to the right place and everyone is happy with it,” Pabari said.

“And, you’re creating content to really drive lead conversions.”


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Tim Blackwell is a long-time publishing and printing executive in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who writes about the multifamily housing and transportation industries. He has contributed numerous articles to Property Management Insider, and worked as a newspaper reporter in the D/FW area. Blackwell is president of Ballpark Impressions, and publishes the Cowcatcher Magazine. He is a member of the Fort Worth Chapter/Society of Professional Journalists.

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