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In the property management business, too much data is still vulnerable to theft or destruction.

Security concerns are more widespread than ever—and for good reason.  Even if you’re keeping documents under lock and key, you might not be as secure as you think.

So much has already been said about the pitfalls of paper documents and file cabinets that we won’t belabor the point here. Separate from any security issues, paper is wildly inefficient for office staff in terms of filing, storage, retrieval and mailing, which is the main reason most property management companies are abandoning it. It’s been calculated that electronic document management saves an average of $5,500 at every site, every year. And the security problems are very real as well: paper is vulnerable to fire, water, theft (internal or external) and being lost or misplaced.

It’s a no-brainer that electronic document management is superior to paper, but threats can come in different forms. Electronic Data security remains a big concern, but it’s one that can be handled confidently by choosing the right solution.

Guarding against hackers



Robust defenses have become increasingly more important to protect against hackers, who seem to stay one step ahead of corporate computer systems.

CRN Magazine states that “While the breach barrage continues, solution providers said customers’ awareness of security issues is at an all-time high and investments are pouring into security technologies.”

And lest you think it’s mostly large government, financial services and retail entities being hit, think again. Optimal Networks, who advise both large and small companies on general technology issues, says everyone’s a target these days. The company says that “Cyber criminals are targeting both large and small organizations to gain financial records, medical and health information, personal identification facts, business intelligence on competitors, and to steal corporate intellectual property. Cyber-attacks can be initiated by someone external or, sadly, internal to your organization.”

Attacks can come in two forms: viral attacks meant to cause destruction, and theft of data for use in a variety of nefarious ways. It’s hard to say which is worse for your company: the loss of your vital data or theft of renter data. While the effects of customer data theft are hard to quantify, according to Gartner Group, nearly half of companies that lose their data do not survive.  Suffice it to say that hackers with financial and personal information about your renters can wreak havoc in their lives, and yours.

Other disasters

Then there are the threats that have nothing to do with hackers, such as natural disasters, fires, water damage and system failures. While hacker intrusions get the most attention, physical damage can be just as disastrous. But even if your data is safely backed up at a separate location, can you get your systems up and running quickly enough to save your business?

Document management done right


Your computerized lease documents and other data must be safe both where they’re stored and when they’re in transit. And you need security against both hackers and system disasters, with a quick disaster recovery protocol in place. Some document management systems are much stronger in core functionality than they are in protecting the documents and data they’re storing and moving. And this leaves you vulnerable.

Others, particularly those from large, data-driven companies, make data security a top priority. RealPage, for example, maintains two separate, massive data centers connected by redundant fiber optic links that mirror data. If one center goes down the other is ready to go, providing near real-time disaster recovery. Customers can rest assured knowing their data is guarded with the highest level of security.

No matter the size of your business, the right document management system will provide top-level data security.  Even the smallest RealPage document management customers benefit from Fortune 500-quality data security that meets the highest regulatory standards, including IS0 27001 and SSAE 16.

Choose an electronic document management system that provides protection for your data against both theft and damage—so you enjoy its efficiency over a paper-based system without opening yourself up to new threats. Take action to defend your data with RealPage’s secure solution.


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Based in New Orleans, Guy Lyman is a professional writer with over 25 years’ experience writing about multifamily and commercial real estate. Lyman is a frequent contributor and writer for the Property Management Insider blog.

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