5 Features Your Business Intelligence Needs to Outsmart the Competition [eBook]

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In a market crowded with business intelligence software solutions, how do you know which one provides relevant and accurate data to help your business? Here are the five factors that are critical to helping your business achieve substantial results across its portfolio:

1. Competitor benchmarking: Self-service benchmarking tools can reveal where you stand against the competition.  The best benchmarking tools allow you to analyze market performance across various scales and provide information with relevant real-time data. Benchmarking is crucial to gauge your true standing in the market, and for developing a winning strategy for market domination.

2. Real-time lease transaction data: Your business intelligence software must provide real-time least transaction data if you expect the best results. If you are relying on survey calls or census data that do not update as the market shifts, imagine the potential detrimental impact on your business performance. True business intelligence is only as good as the underlying real-time data.

3. Platform flexibility with custom reporting: An intelligent business intelligence platform should adapt to your needs and integrate other source data. Optimally, your BI should provide you with the flexibility to customize dashboards while being agile enough to tailor report to your audience.

4. Drill down into the data: Business intelligence software should enable a 360 degree view of KPLs and provide granular levels of detail into data at both the property and unit levels. Complete BI allows this type of data drill down to be obtainable without being labor intensive and costly. A complete business intelligence solution also provides opportunities to pinpoint areas that need performance tuning, giving a chance for the business to add value.

5. Support of multifamily focused data scientists: Data scientists that understand every stage of property ownership/management provide a unique insight into market conditions and real-time situations that influence profitability. Why not incorporate their expert knowledge into your BI solution? Data scientists can provide collaboration that is unique to your business needs, enabling you to make insight-driven business decisions.

RealPage Business Intelligence and Performance Benchmarking accelerates your profitability and allows your business to gain valuable insight for portfolio performance.

From customizable dashboards, custom reporting and foundational reports, to actionable scorecards and behind-the-scenes support of data scientists, RealPage Business Intelligence will get you data you need to maximize your returns.

Download the eBook to learn how you can outsmart the competition with autonomy, accuracy, agility and action.


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Lori Lysobey is a long-time Dallas resident. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends while exploring Dallas as much as possible. Lori graduated with a degree in education from the University of North Texas in 2003 and currently teaches high school students.

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