Five Tips for Choosing the Right Rental Listing Syndication Service


Rental listing syndication services can help keep your apartment marketing content consistent and drive more leads to your properties. However, not all syndication services are created equal. Here are a few tips to consider when researching services for your business.

Keep it Fresh
Many syndication services use a feed to distribute content updates to sites; however some listing sites will not accept certain feeds, which can often limit your reach. Some services have the power to post hourly or daily, while others may require several days or even weeks between posting cycles. It’s important to keep your content fresh and in front of potential renters, so be sure to take a closer look at the distribution power of the service you are considering.

Watch Out for Fees
Syndication services are often comparable in price, at least at first glance. However, many services don’t cover “additional fees” in their price quotes. In addition to a flat monthly rate for your service, you may also have to pay a fee for every posting on a paid site. Some services can offer a flat fee that covers additional costs from paid sites, and others will charge you on a cost-per-lead model, meaning the number of leads generated will determine the price you pay per source.

Pay for Prime
When paying for a syndication service, you should also know how many primary or unique postings you will get, along with secondary or powered posts. Secondary posts are those that are distributed to an array of sites from a large site’s feed. While the length of your reach is important, you want to make sure that you are only paying for direct, primary posts, not the runoff to secondary sites.

Go Long
Long tail search is a concept that centers on the large number of keywords or phrases that by which a web site can be found. The idea promotes looking beyond the top-20 ranked keywords, and seeing a higher amount of collective referrals from less-popular terms. Long tail can also apply to listing sites. Sites with the highest visitor or click-through rates don’t produce more leads than less-popular sites can collectively. Don’t just focus your listings on a list of ranked keywords or top-visited sites. Broaden your reach, as renters are searching everywhere. In the end it’s about the volume of leads, not the ranking of the source.

Stay Local
One of the biggest concerns of a rental prospect is location. Prospects are looking for apartments that fit their geographical requirements. They’re searching by city, state, or proximity to an important location. Your listings should always be posted to city-specific local sites, and should include geographical terms. You should also make sure your listing is claimed and up to date with Google and Google Maps.

Rental listing syndication doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Do your research and work with a provider who’s in sync with your marketing goals. Finding the right syndication service fit can go a long way in driving quality leads to your properties.


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Michael Cunningham is Content Marketing Manager at ProofHQ, and the former Managing Editor of He worked as a social media manager for RealPage, Inc., a provider of on-demand software solutions that integrate and streamline single-family and a wide variety of multifamily rental property management business functions. He is responsible for promoting the company through various media channels, including editorial, print and online advertising, and social media. Michael received his education at Indiana University where he majored in English.

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