Are You Still Giving Multifamily Property Tours on Site?

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Ever wanted a property tour to see inside the apartment of Rick Deckard, the Blade Runner Detective made famous by Harrison Ford?

Thanks to Blade Runner 9732, a recently released virtual reality (VR) program, you can walk around, look through the various rooms in the apartment, and even check out some of his personal belongings. Just strap on your virtual reality headset and go to town.

Why are we talking about a futuristic sci-fi movie and a video game in a multifamily blog? Because it can completely alter the way you do business.

After years of promises that VR will change the world, it’s actually here. There are several VR headsets to choose from in all budgets, from Google cardboard to the Oculus Rift, that will literally put you in someone else’s shoes. To film, anyone can pull a smartphone out of their pockets and add a camera attachment like the Insta360, even shooting in 4K. When you’re ready, you can upload to YouTube360, a platform designed for the full immersion video that VR provides. It’s all there, on budget and ready for action. If you’re ready for a bigger production, you can put together a GoPro rig that will give you a higher production value or hire a crew.

Regardless of your video’s quality, virtual reality brings you one step closer to a true virtual office. Imagine a prospect strapping on a VR headset, touring the exact unit he or she will rent and signing the papers online. Maybe your property prides itself on that personal touch. In that case, you can ask a caller to put on the VR headset while you set up a 360 degree camera on your end. Then, you can give a live tour to your caller, answering any and all questions they have, while they immerse themselves in the environment of your community.

The benefits of providing multifamily property tours are overwhelming—the time savings, the increased interest in your property (prospects that take a tour are much more likely to lease), and the captive audience. In terms of time savings, not only does a virtual tour save travel time to your property, it also cuts down on cross talk when scheduling, not to mention the convenience of touring a property from home. Once the tour is done, you’ve essentially immersed the prospect in the features of your property, creating a connection viewing photos doesn’t quite reach. Finally, there’s the captive audience. VR is so immersive that it’s like being engrossed in your favorite TV show. These make up a unique value proposition.

If you’re a bigger property management company, there’s always the possibility of selling an apartment at one of your other properties if this doesn’t fit the bill. In addition, as your apartment community’s prospects are watching the VR experience, you can carefully monitor the metrics to find out where they pause with interest or end from apathy.

Finally, with VR, you’re appealing to a younger generation that is not only comfortable with technology, but also expects you to offer more innovative features to make life easier. And while VR could still be considered as in its early adoption phase, the tools to create a virtual leasing office are available to help you now.

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