The Importance of Multifamily Energy Benchmarking

Benchmarking utilities has become a way of life in multifamily. Not long ago, the EPA introduced its Portfolio Manager, a repository for a commercial property’s utility consumption data for benchmarking. By 2014, the arduous task of establishing an equitable energy efficiency scoring system for multifamily properties had arrived and the EPA invited portfolios to track[]

2018, a Pivotal Year in the Affordable Housing Industry

2018, a Pivotal Year in the Affordable Housing Industry

As discussed in RealWorld 2018 sessions  2018 has been a pivotal year in the Affordable Housing sector under the current administration. With a shortage of 7.2 million affordable housing units and the highest increase in homelessness in almost a decade according to HUD, the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, and other sources,[]

Keeping Every Square Foot Covered_ Commercial Real Estate and Financial Solutions

Keeping Every Square Foot Covered: Commercial and Financial Solutions

As discussed during RealWorld 2018 sessions It comes with the territory: owning or managing commercial real estate properties means juggling a variety of operational and financial tasks, not to mention keeping everyone in the loop along the way. Some leases can be more complex than others. Managing, reporting and analyzing these leases—from initial lease execution[]

A Smarter Answer Faster with Underwriting Analytics

As discussed in RealWorld 2018 sessions “For multifamily investors, a majority of their return on investment comes from capital management, what you buy, where you buy and when you sell. Until now, investors have made these decisions based on time-consuming analyses and expensive market studies that evolved little in recent cycles. Underwriting Analytics reflects our[]

Using Revenue Management to Determine ROI on Renovations in Multifamily

Using Revenue Management to Determine ROI on Renovations in Multifamily

As discussed in RealWorld 2018 sessions  Rehabbing a property no longer means applying a fresh coat of paint on the outside and new carpet throughout. In today’ highly competitive multifamily world, an upgrade is sometimes the complete transformation of an asset, down to the studs. Renovations in multifamily are the new reality and they are[]

User Management Made Simple with a Unified Platform

As discussed in RealWorld 2018 sessions  RealPage has been on the cutting edge of rental housing software for over 20 years. Now, it’s consolidating all of that innovation into something special. It isn’t a product or solution. It’s a new philosophy, called Unity, that will change how the rental housing industry experiences RealPage. One of[]

Creating Amazing Resident Experiences Through the Renter Lifecycle-1

Creating Amazing Resident Experiences Through the Renter Lifecycle

As discussed in RealWorld 2018 sessions  The point of sale doesn’t stop when the contract is signed and the customer drives off into the sunset. When the long-coveted prospect finally signs on the dotted line and moves in − after days, weeks, maybe months of courtship exhausting all of a property’s online marketing bling and[]

The Next Generation of Multifamily Document Management

As discussed in RealWorld 2018 sessions  From paper clips to file folders, and filing cabinets to computer systems, the process of storing, managing and organizing documents is as old as paper itself. And in real estate, managing documents like contracts and vendor agreements is crucial to running a healthy business—especially when you’re dealing with multiple[]

Senior Industry Trends: Boosting Speed-to-Lead

As discussed in RealWorld 2018 sessions.  A question many senior property management professionals may ask themselves is, “When it comes to leads, why are we still struggling with occupancy?” As with most business challenges, there’s not just one, but several reasons for this: there just aren’t enough leads to meet the supply; the leads you[]

data science

Data Science Techniques for Real Estate

As discussed in RealWorld 2018 sessions  Most people won’t argue with you about the importance of data. There are more data sources now than ever before, and we know we need to tap into them—but collecting the right metrics, interpreting properly and translating into business decisions that improve results is another story. Savvy property management[]

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