Prepare Your Properties for Hurricane Season No Matter the Forecast



Install the hardware needed to put up shutters or pre-cut plywood to protect windows and doors now. This will allow for easier installation if the storm threatens your area.


Bring in any loose items, such as garbage cans and lawn furniture, and pick up any debris in outdoor common areas and along the landscape that can act as a projectile during high winds, before a storm arrives. Lawn chairs, grills, and anything kept outside should be put in a shed or garage to keep them from becoming flying hazards.



Reduce risk of damage by cutting weak tree branches, along with branches that are positioned over structures, which could be broken off by high winds and cause property damage.


Make sure caulking around windows and doors is in good shape and not cracked, broken or missing, and fill any holes or gaps around pipes or wires that enter buildings.


Inspect roofs and overhangs to look for signs of wear or damage, and to ensure they are well-connected to the roof sheathing. Learn more about how to strengthen roofs against high winds and wind-driven rains.

Attached structures

Inspect porches, carports, entryway canopies and storage sheds to make sure they are firmly attached and in sound structural condition.

Sump pumps & drains

Inspect sump pumps and drains to ensure proper operation. If a sump pump has a battery backup, make sure the batteries are fresh or replace the batteries.

In 2005, seven major hurricanes spawned from 28 storms, including a record four Category 5 storms. Katrina was the most notable, killing 1,200 and devastating New Orleans. The total damage to property in the U.S. was $104 billion, the costliest of any hurricane season. Katrina accounted for $75 billion.

No matter the forecast, now is the time to make preparations.

“What you prepare for now can help reduce exposure,” Wolff said.



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  1. Drew says:

    No one should ever regret being prepared. You don’t know exactly when or if your property will be damaged and if you aren’t prepared when it happens, it could cost you. Thanks for the great advice!

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