Pricing with Revenue Management Transforms the Leasing Process

Pricing with YieldStar Transforms the Leasing Process


The benefits of using a system like RealPage Revenue Management go beyond experiencing sustained revenue premiums of two to five percent. It will also enhance your entire leasing process.

Improves leasing flexibility

Revenue management dramatically improves your leasing flexibility and customer service by making it easy to offer renters a wide array of options in pricing, based on move-in date, length of the lease, selected amenities, and other variables. These choices would otherwise be impossible to calculate and offer for every available unit every day without the risk of over or under estimating the price.

Eliminates need for concessions

The flexible price options offered with revenue management software eliminate the need to use concessions. The system delivers numerous revenue neutral options for every available unit on a daily basis, giving leasing associates unlimited options to close deals. And they can present pricing without requesting permission from anyone. Best of all, renters value the fact that their specific needs are being met and the straightforward nature of price discussions.

Establishes consistent pricing methodology

Revenue management creates a standard and methodical approach to pricing across all your properties, and offers useful reporting to monitor compliance. And revenue management can automatically distribute prices to all your marketing channels. This removes a notable burden off your staff and ensures that pricing is always consistent and current.

Reduces Fair Housing exposure

The use of a revenue management system to generate apartment pricing also reduces your exposure to Fair Housing infractions, because subjectivity can be reduced when using pricing that is predetermined by an objective system and controlled by a central resource.

While harder to quantify, these other benefits trickle down to your bottom line as well.

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2 responses to “Pricing with Revenue Management Transforms the Leasing Process”

  1. heather wilson says:

    The content on this site is exact opposite of everything I have experienced in the 13 months I have been at a property that utilizes a “revenue management system”. I approached my property for an understanding to my personal case for a length of a lease and pricing and was told thatthe choice was not theirs. The concessions are extremely high and the property is not maintained in the slightest.

    • Michael Cunningham says:

      Thanks for commenting, Heather. I have a follow up question: are you a resident or a leasing agent? Judging from how your comment was written I’m guessing you’re a resident who had a less than optimal experience with revenue management.

      Michael Cunningham
      Managing Editor

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