Promoting From Within: Learning Management Meets Talent Management

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Boost employees up your ladder with the right resources

A solid learning management system is critical to increasing the value of your greatest asset: your employees. This system should make it easy for them to access and pursue their learning, and for managers to monitor who’s doing what.

But that’s all about making an employee better at their current job. What about their next job? The advantages of promoting from within are obvious, and you should be urging your employees up the ladder of their careers within your business – not just making them better at what they already do. In other words, you should be in the career management business in addition to learning management. Giving employees a clear path up the company ladder with all the associated training not only increases the value of your employees, it also means that fewer feel they need to leave your company to get ahead.

Putting the pieces together

Today there are learning management systems, and there are employee management systems (for performance reviews and such). They’re traditionally completely separate solutions, but not for any good reason: it’s just always been that way.

What makes a lot more sense is to consolidate all employee development functions into a single “talent management” or “workforce optimization” solution – and that’s what EasyLMS is pioneering.

The ideal talent management/employee development solution should comprise all of the following:

  • A learning management component to motivate, manage, and monitor the learning related to your employees’ current positions
  • An integrated performance review component that enables you to manage self-assessments, management reviews and goal-setting
  • A career pathway component that lets employees target a job they want, easily access the necessary learning, and track their progress
  • Dashboards for employees to see where they stand and access the learning, and for managers to view the promotion paths and progress of their people

Again, the idea behind this comprehensive “talent management” solution is that it’s far more efficient (and easier on both managers and employees) to access all of these functions via a single solution from a single vendor instead of juggling two or even three different solutions addressing various aspects of your employee development program.

Help your employees learn for the jobs they want in addition to the jobs they have.

learning management

How it works

Let’s say you’re an employee who wants to move up to a regional manager or maintenance supervisor. Or, you’re a manager who wants to proactively create paths to motivate your employees onwards and upwards.

The employee opts in and is assigned a learning path over a time frame determined by the manager. For, say, the following 12 months, the employee might be required to read certain documents, watch videos, attend an instructor-led live or online course or shadow an employee. The solution paces the employee through the learning, dripping it out over the prescribed period of time. Testing, to ensure mastery, can be incorporated as well.

An eagle’s-eye view of the talent pool

Combining all employee development disciplines into one solution gives HR and management a global perspective on the internal pool of candidates for new positions that includes their skill sets, learning and performance evaluations for their current jobs, along with their career track and completion of any learning associated with their desired future position. You can see exactly who internally is gunning for the positions you need to fill, what they’ve done to master the necessary learning, and who might be encouraged to pursue the job using the learning management solution if nobody is in line for it.

A high-level manager looking for a new regional manager, for example, can easily identify a candidate within their organization, encourage her to think about the position, create a learning track within the learning management system and then monitor her progress.

In summary, a consolidated talent management solution is a great asset to both employees and management. Employees are empowered in furthering their careers, and managers can easily nurture and monitor the upward paths of their people so they hold on to the best.

Learn more about combining all the parts of your employee development into one neat, efficient package with the EasyLMS multifamily eLearning system!


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