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RealWorld 2018


July’s RealWorld Customer Conference is just around the corner. This will be our 20th RealWorld, and it promises to be our best ever! We are transforming RealPage right now in an entirely new way, and the changes affect everything we do, RealWorld included. As a result, I’ve challenged the team to deliver a transformative RealWorld 2018 experience for everyone.

The impetus for the change is our new vision. If you listened in to our recent earnings call, you heard Steve Winn talk about our strategy to grow beyond our 2020 goals, with a focus on two themes: innovation and simplification. We call these themes our North Stars, because they are so critical to the fabric of RealPage. Their effect is built into our theme for RealWorld this year: The Future Made Simple.

Everywhere we look in today’s rapidly-evolving economy we see breakthrough technological innovations – from ride-sharing to short-term rentals – that deliver value by making people’s lives and businesses simpler. And it is innovations like these that we want to put center-stage at RealWorld this year. Expect to see our clients, partners and our top talent showing you new and exciting ways to improve business performance through innovation and simplification.

On our earnings call, Steve used the example of Morgan Communities, who manage over 40,000 units, and whose budgets once held them to 97% or 98% occupancy in some secondary and tertiary markets where they were the leaders. Initially, it was very hard for executives to accept that they could achieve a higher NOI at lower occupancies. But they did it. The result: revenue growth of 3% to 4% at occupancy levels that might have made management uncomfortable before.

The takeaway is that executives were able to leverage the numbers that powered these increases. Revenue management can be complicated, but the ability to marshal data using innovative analytics simplified the decision process and enabled them to execute on a new strategy. It is experiences like these that we will be bringing to life at RealWorld 2018 this summer.

Revenue management is, of course, just one piece of the jigsaw. RealPage clients are simplifying leasing and compliance by changing the way they manage documents. Resident and prospect experiences are improving through the use of chat, mobile facilities management and other innovations. Companies are redefining the way they deliver back-office and IT activities, simplifying their business so that they can focus on their core competencies. There are real-life innovation stories like these everywhere among the clients joining us at RealWorld 2018.

Our challenge is to bring these innovations together and make them as accessible as possible to as many companies as possible. That’s an exciting challenge – particularly after the year we had in 2017, when we welcomed AXIOMetrics, AUM, On-Site, Pex and Rainmaker into the RealPage family. We want to show you what these acquisitions mean to you, and how we plan to make it simple for you to capitalize on the innovation they can bring to your business.

That brings us to one of the most important developments that we will showcase at RealWorld this year. Project Unity – a multi-year investment in our systems to bring our solutions together in an unprecedented fashion – is advancing, and having a transformational impact on our clients. It allows us to share data across all applications, provide a single sign-on and user authentication, deliver consistent user experience across all of our solutions and build a vast library of shared services that all applications use.

As well as simplifying and streamlining our user experience, Unity is the overarching technical framework that allows us to integrate new acquisitions seamlessly. It is already enabling us to deliver new capabilities and benefits at a previously unimaginable pace. You can expect to experience this tide of innovation at RealWorld.

We are truly excited about our North Stars and what it means for our clients and for our culture at RealPage. We will be publishing details over the next few weeks about the innovations and why they matter to you. Please look out for our emails and register now for what promises to be a truly special show!

Ashley Glover, RealPage Chief Operating Officer


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