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When a leader with 20 years of experience in revenue management software and business intelligence talks analytics, you don’t expect to walk away with new ideas for communication, collaboration and profit for your business.

Keith Dunkin is the senior vice president of YieldStar, the revenue optimization and business intelligence platform at RealPage, Inc. Dunkin is an integral part of the multifamily revenue management product. He recently discussed the growth of the employment of business intelligence solutions with the National Apartment Association at their annual conference in Atlanta.

Dunkin dives into the rapidly changing world of analytics, discussing how RealPage has an eye on the predictable future.

90% of all data in the entire world has been created in the last three years. Of this 90%, only one half of 1% has been analyzed. With data changing rapidly and increasing every day, it is important to shift the traditional business intelligence reporting model from “Why did that happen?” or “What’s happening today?” to “What’s going to happen?”

RealPage can make predicting the future a reality with analytics; building predictability into the “why” with algorithms and models to make the uncertain future certain. Real data moving properties forward through analytics is the future of multifamily.


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Lori Lysobey is a long-time Dallas resident. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends while exploring Dallas as much as possible. Lori graduated with a degree in education from the University of North Texas in 2003 and currently teaches high school students.

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