SatisFacts Research Announces Winners of Annual Resident Satisfaction Awards


SatisFacts Research Announces Winners of Annual Resident Satisfaction Awards About two dozen companies are doing more than talking the talk when it comes to resident satisfaction. Maryland-based SatisFacts Research, which offers a variety of annual and year-round resident satisfaction feedback programs for the multifamily housing industry, recently announced those who are walking with a little swagger after winning a 2011 National Resident Satisfaction Awards.

Awards were given to companies and properties based on a positive resident feedback on customer satisfaction and retention. Companies and properties were recognized in four unit-size categories for the Annual Survey Program Awards as well as the Insite® 365 Day/Year Resident Feedback Program; in addition, twenty five other firms won Superior Company awards.

Quintus Corp. earned Highest Portfolio Score and 13 of the 19 companies that placed in the top five of the unit-size categories were repeat winners. Fogelman, Legend, and RenaissancePG were Exceptional Company winners in the Resident Feedback Program category.

The competition was no cake walk: SatisFacts works with 150 companies and nearly one million apartment homes nationally.

“Our experience working with nearly a million units annually means that when we see award winning scores – it validates that a company and their team go well beyond talking about great service, not just ‘talking the talk’ but also ‘walking the walk’,” says SatisFacts Founder and President Doug Miller.

“Our clients understand the win-win that comes from delivering superior service: residents win because their satisfaction grows, and they reward the community by renewing their lease,” continued Miller. “These positive perceptions ultimately positively impact the company and properties’ online reputation. Ownership wins by minimizing turnover, avoiding the $3,600 cost associated with every move-out, and also reaping the marketing benefits of having a great online reputation.”

SatisFacts Research says that results from its own client satisfaction surveys show its clients achieve a resident turnover rate that is 17 points lower than the national average reported in the NAA Income and Expense Survey. The company works with clients not only on designing the feedback program but surveying, gathering results and reporting, discussing key actionable issues, problem solving and acknowledging tangible results through the awards program.

With seven properties in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Quintus Corp. has been a nationally and locally recognized multifamily housing provider for more than a half a century. The company, founded when E.W. Keappler built his first house in the 1948, is family-owned and operated by three generations (all Quintus partnerships involve E.W.’s five children). Quintus’ portfolio operations are directed by Eric Slack.

The complete list of 2011 National Award Winners can be found on SatisFacts website.

When it comes to providing customer service, do you simply “talk the talk,” or do you “walk the walk?”


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  2. SatisFacts Research Announces Winners of Annual Resident Satisfaction Awards – #propertymanagement

  3. SatisFacts Research Announces Winners of Annual Resident Satisfaction Awards

  4. SatisFacts Research Announces Winners of Annual Resident Satisfaction Awards

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