Say What You Meme: Using Memes in Apartment Marketing


Property managers in charge of apartment marketing should take notice of unconventional social media methods to communicate with communities.

Meet Kyle Craven. This unassuming photo of him grew into the wildly popular meme known as Bad Luck Brian and reportedly generated Craven nearly $20,000 – turns out he’s not so unlucky after all.


Craven isn’t the only one who can benefit from memes.  Property managers can mix memes into their social media marketing plans by using them as another advertising medium to communicate news, events, and new amenities coming to the property. These are a simple, cheap, and entertaining way to relate back to your community online.

To first understand the value of a meme, you must first understand what one is:

What is a Meme?

A meme is an idea derived from a culture or experience, which is shared and spread online in the form of an image, video, or text. Often times, memes are relatable, humorous content taken from a shared experience.  The beauty of memes is they can take many forms and evolve to adapt to different areas and environments. Using this type of content is a great way to capitalize on an existing trend, one that is shareable and translates well to multiple audiences.  Here’s just one example of how you could apply this to your community to promote a resident mixer in a humorous, eye-catching way:


Connect to Your Communities with Memes

Informing residents of property happenings doesn’t need to be a chore. Choosing a creative visual aid to accompany your message can engage residents and help you share even the most mundane of information. Property managers can incorporate memes into their apartment marketing plans by following these easy steps:

Do Your Research

Before making a meme, research how it is typically posted and how users react to them . Take a look at popular posts of memes on different social media outlets and imitate their theme of messaging. Sites like Reddit are a good place to see memes being used correctly. Remember that your meme should be relatable, so draw inspiration from common experiences shared in your community. Misusing a meme is the quickest way to alienate your audience and to cloud the initial purpose of your message.

Choose Your Messaging

Choose a message that will best help you get your point across. Ask yourself, what is the end goal of your message when creating a meme? Want to remind residents to pay rent on time? Inform them of upcoming construction? Write short, pithy content that conveys this message.

Does your property have a great maintenance process? Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. If creating isn’t your style, you can explore “meme-jacking”, where you share a meme that has been made by someone else, like we did below with Success Kid.

download (1)

In the end, be certain you sync your meme with your messaging to ensure it doesn’t get lost on your community.

Monitor Trends

Because relevant content changes quickly on social media, timeliness is an important part of creating great posts. When meme-jacking, be sure to post when the time is just right. Creating or sharing a meme at the height its popularity could result in your post getting lost in newsfeeds. So be sure you take into account popular trends by following the news and search terms on social media outlets. This ensures your posts will stay fresh and relevant.

Use a Generator

Many of the most popular memes have pre-made templates for creation purposes. Use these free online meme makers to save you time. Meme Builder and Quick Meme are great, user-friendly sites to use to create your own posts.

After you creating your meme, make the most of your post by sharing it at common resident touch points. Post your meme to resident portals, community websites, weekly newsletters, or even on the leasing office bulletin board.

Remember, memes are a unique and creative way to engage with younger while relaying community information.

To get you inspired, we’ll leave you with a few memes we created:

download (3)

Bad Luck Brian


Minor Mistake Marvin

download (2)

Scumbag Steve


Toy Story

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