Student Housing Technology Affects Trends on College Life [Infographic]


If you are a recent college graduate or the parent of a college student, you are well aware of how life on campus has changed significantly because of technology advancements. The college crowd is, obviously, more tech savvy than generations past, but just how much as technology affected the academic side of college?

A new infographic compiled by Presta Electronics shows just how different things are for today’s scholars. For instance, more than 73% say that they can’t study without technology; 70% take notes on a keyboard rather than by pen and paper; and 91% use email to communicate with their professors.

The typical “tools” of college academics are going away as well. Textbooks are being replaced by e-readers and notepads are making way for the iPad—with its myriad of apps and other tools. If you are a parent, you more than likely Skype with your student to catch up on her activities rather than use the old-fashioned telephone or, heaven forbid, write a letter. Or, even more likely, you just text each other.

So, what do student housing technology trends mean for owners and managers of student housing properties? As the use of smart phones and tablets continues to escalate, particularly within this demographic, you’ll have make sure you stay ahead of the curve in providing mobile-optimized web sites and portals, online leasing and renewal options, and other on-demand offerings. Don’t forget to make sure your student housing properties have the appropriate wiring and other infrastructure in place to meet the rising video, data, and Internet demands from student residents.

And for everyone else in multifamily—these are your future residents. Are you ready? And what are your thoughts about the infographic?

How Tech Is Changing College Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

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