U.S. Apartment Completions Reach a 14-Year High [Infographic]

Research released from market analysts at MPF Research shows one of the highest levels for new apartment supply in years. With the apartment supply increase, how will this affect the growth of market demand? Occupancy continues to tighten and rent growth continues to accelerate despite the introduction of more supply. Click to enlarge image These[]


An Illustrated Guide to the Nation's Hottest Apartment Markets [Infographic]

Strong apartment demand that is surpassing completion volumes has led to limited apartment availability and sharp increases in rents.


U.S. Apartment Market Update from MPF Research's Greg Willett

Greg Willett recently appeared on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show where he took a look at the performance of the market in the first half of 2012 and then shared what to expect in the second half of the year.


PMI Heads to Las Vegas for RealWorld 2012 – The Annual RealPage User Conference

When it comes to the annual RealPage user conference, what happens in Vegas should certainly not stay in Vegas. PMI is heading to RealWorld 2012, the annual RealPage user conference, where we will be reporting on the latest industry and technology news and trends.


Top Ten Apartment Market Rent Growth Leaders for Second Quarter 2012

Which individual apartment metro topped the list for rent growth in year-ending second quarter of 2012? MPF Research reveals the top ten performers.


The Link Between College-Educated Gen Ys and Apartment Market Success is No Coincidence

Metros with the highest percentages of college-educated young adults tend to be the metros where apartment fundamentals are strongest.


Multifamily Property Managers and Owners Have Plenty to Celebrate for National Optimism Month

March is National Optimism Month and the multifamily industry has plenty to feel good about in 2012.


U.S. Apartment Market Posts Robust Revenue Growth in Third Quarter

Top-line revenue growth numbers for apartments in the third quarter remain terrific, despite the struggles seen in the general economy. Watch Greg Willett and Jay Parsons from MPF Research as they examine 3rd quarter preliminary data and share what is likely ahead for 2012.


U.S. Apartment Market Revenues Soar 2.5 Percent in the Second Quarter

Data from the second quarter 2011 is in and the results look very, very good for the U.S. apartment market. How good? How does revenue growth of 2.5% sound?


MPF Research Celebrates 50 Years of Providing Apartment Market Intelligence

MPF Research is celebrating 50 years of providing apartment market intelligence to the multifamily industry.

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