Top Traits of Leasing Consultants

Top 5 Traits of the Greatest Leasing Consultants in the World

Congratulations! You have a fantastic product. Newsflash! Your competitor has a fantastic product, too. Do you offer the latest, greatest, extraordinarily unique leasing training program? So does your competitor. So, your leasing office is slick, stylish and the leasing office is equipped with the best mobile technology money can buy. Have you visited your neighbor[]


Pushing Lease Renewal Rents Ranks Among the Key Objectives for Apartment Property Managers

Many apartment leasing agents, wary of losing established customers, are reluctant to position rents notably higher when negotiating lease renewals right now. But they shouldn’t be.


Three Questions Leasing Agents Should Always Ask Prospects

No matter how busy your apartment property leasing agents are, here are three questions they should always ask to help engage prospective renters.

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