Top Traits of Leasing Consultants

Top 5 Traits of the Greatest Leasing Consultants in the World

Congratulations! You have a fantastic product. Newsflash! Your competitor has a fantastic product, too. Do you offer the latest, greatest, extraordinarily unique leasing training program? So does your competitor. So, your leasing office is slick, stylish and the leasing office is equipped with the best mobile technology money can buy. Have you visited your neighbor[]


The Bugs are Back: The Start of Stink Bug Season

The arrival of cooler fall temperatures signals the start of stink bug season, when the insects seek the warmth of apartments. Leave it to a few pests to really stink things up. The bugs, which are on the rise in the U.S., are particularly uninviting. They are an ugly, annoying, and stubborn pest. Even when crushed or[]


#AIMConf: The Top 10 Tweets of AIM 2013

This year’s AIM Conference drew quite the crowd, and brought with it a social media buzz unsurpassed in previous years. We’ve been following the #AIMConf hashtag on Twitter to keep in touch with all the speakers and sessions. Here are some of our favorite tweets.


Property Management Tips to Winterize Irrigation Systems

By winterizing irrigation systems now, property management teams can not only prevent damage to sprinklers and the landscape but also steer clear of potential liabilities that can lead to a much bigger expense.


Minimize West Nile Virus on Your Apartment Property

The potentially deadly West Nile Virus has one of its strongest holds on the U.S. in recent years, causing concern from not only residents but apartment owners and industry officials. Apartment property owners and managers can help minimize the impact of this year’s outbreak with these five steps.


The Property Management Checklist for Repairing Fire-Damaged Apartment Units

If you have the misfortune of needing to repair or restore one or several of your apartment units because of damage from fire or smoke, a property manager’s best solution is to follow this checklist and work closely with a remediation specialist.


Three Property Management Tips for Keeping Your Swimming Pool's Water Crystal Clear

When rain water mixes with swimming pool water, the results can end up resembling a chemistry project gone bad rather than an inviting respite from the heat. By following these three steps for proper swimming pool maintenance, you can keep the water looking crystal clear all year.


Property Management Tips: Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Apartment Properties

Deciding on a drought tolerant landscape can involve a little strategy, but for the most part Mother Nature has already put a plan in place nearby. Even in the most severe drought conditions, there is an alternative to create and maintain an attractive, well-groomed landscape.


Eight Property Management Tips for Keeping the Pests Away

Because of the mild winter that we’ve had across the nation, the stage is set for pests to come out of the woodwork earlier than normal and in greater numbers.But property owners and managers can prepare for infestations by following these recommended tips.


Property Management Tips: Tracking Appliances on Apartment Properties

Apartment properties have dozens, if not hundreds, of appliances that need to be tracked and maintained. But with each refrigerator, microwave oven, stove top, and dishwasher comes a potential long list of paperwork and management headache.

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