No Train No Gain: Why Your Staff Needs Training

Multifamily housing employees want more training. At least that’s what a recent Pew Research Center survey about the American workforce and changing job market suggests. The U.S. employment landscape has morphed from hands-on tools to fingers on keyboards. Over the last 35 years, workers are rethinking the skills they have and what they will need[]

In the Game: Coaching Makes a Difference for Employees

I used to think it was funny to see professional athletes being coached during spring training or training camp. If they’re pros, I thought, and they’re good enough, why would they need help? Even the most skilled athletes need guidance to foster their craft and reach their true potential. Much like a coach helps an[]

Fair Housing Month: An Interview with Anne Sadovsky

Anne Sadovsky is bullish on fair housing. So much so that she doesn’t mince words when talking about her most passionate subject, the Fair Housing Act. For Fair Housing Month, we caught up with Anne to talk about how the Fair Housing Act has shaped the multifamily housing industry.

Five Reasons for Mystery Shopping Your Apartment Properties

Mystery shopping has been a staple of the apartment industry for more than 20 years and is a valuable tool for evaluating and training on-site leasing personnel. Here are five reasons why many management companies use mystery shopping as a management and training tool.

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