The Future of Apartment Websites

In this day and age, it’s not difficult to convince multifamily properties that a website is necessary for continued success.  However, it is difficult to convince them what the form and functionality of that website should be.  While most apartments prefer to approach websites as a “digital brochure,” showcasing leasing information and lush property photography[]

Give Your Apartment Website a Human Touch with a 24/7 Contact Center

An apartment property’s website plays a critical role in creating new leads with little to no human intervention. However, potential renters often crave a more human touch and if they are unable to connect to somebody with a pulse in a reasonable amount of time, they may become lost leads fast, rendering your fantastic website somewhat moot.

Rental Trends: Managing Your Digital Premises

During the RealWorld 2012 keynote address, attendees learned about the importance of managing their digital premises in addition to their physical premises. What used to be confined to office personnel is now extending out and touching prospects, residents, and suppliers directly.

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