The Best of Property Management Insider from 2011


The Best of Property Management Insider from 2011

The end of a year is often a time for reflection, and 2011 is no exception. I would be remiss not to thank you, the multifamily professionals, owners, and operators, for the support you have given Property Management Insider this past year.

From everybody involved with Property Management Insider, happy holidays and happy New Year.

Here’s a look back at some of the most-read articles from 2011. Do you have a favorite from the past year? Share them in the comments below.

330 Square Feet that Could Change the Apartment Industry

The top story from 2011 is 330 Square Feet that Could Change the Apartment Industry. It’s about Hong Kong architect Gary Chang and his innovative, modular apartment. With space at a premium in his city, he designed his 330-square-foot home to accommodate 24 different designs by means of sliding walls and panels. Is this an example of the apartment of the future? Watch the video and share your thoughts. [Watch the video]

The Top 5 Myths of Resident Retention

Jen Piccotti joined the team in November and did what she does best: educate apartment owners and managers with rock solid data. In the article The Top 5 Myths of Resident Retention, she reveals five truths behind the most common myths surrounding resident retention. The bottom line is that retaining residents not only makes dollars and “sense,” it is an attainable goal that may require no more than a shift in focus toward communicating with them consistently, and in the way they want to communicate. [Read the article]

Getting to Know Your Generation Y Coworkers

Joanna Ellis spent 2011 writing about the impact of Generation Y on the multifamily industry and discussing how to successfully do business with them. In the article Getting to Know Your Generation Y Coworkers, she examined the four generations of office workers trying to coexist in one workplace. But with Generation Y poised to dominate the workforce by 2020, here are a few things we all need to know about our future Gen Y coworkers. [Read the article]

10 Myths About Bed Bugs Property Managers Need to Know

As a professional with years of dealing with bed bugs, John Robinson has encountered a number of myths and half-truths that cause unnecessary concern. In 10 Myths About Bed Bugs Property Managers Need to Know, John debunks those myths and gives us a healthy does of reality to boot (not to mention raising the “ick” factor). [Read the article]

Sometimes You Just Have to Reach Out – An Interview with Gary DeRigne

My personal favorite from 2011 was my interview with Gary DeRigne from Yarco Property Management. In part one of my interview, we talked about his novel, One Young Soldier, the effect war has on people, and the need for people to get involved with veterans. Gary was very open about the effects that the Vietnam War had on him, and how he’s turned his passion over his experiences into something that’s helping others. [Read the part one of the interview]

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