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Beginning today, we’ll be bringing to this blog regular summaries of the latest research from our MPF Research division that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of the multifamily industry. Where applicable, we’ll provide links so you can dig deeper into subjects that matter to you. And of course, the team at MPF Research, along with experts in investment analytics, revenue management, and business intelligence are standing by at RealPage to help you turn data into actionable information that will benefit your bottom line.

We’ll be sharing MPF blog updates on a regular basis, but since this is the first, let’s look at some highlights from the whole month of June:

Regional Market Insights

In early June, MPF Research reported on the Reno market, where diversification in the economy driven by tax incentives is reducing the city’s traditional dependence on casino income. Industry leaders such as Apple and Tesla now have a presence there, as well as an array of smaller entrepreneurial startups. In this article, MPF Research addresses the somewhat puzzling fact that even with a rapidly diversifying and improving economy, and with rising rental demand and prices, there’s little movement in new multifamily construction. You can also see a related video below:

MPF Research also published information about the Twin Cities, a traditionally conservative market that is beginning to see a bit more aggressiveness in pricing as occupancy holds above the 97 percent mark while new construction slows. Find out the latest on the metro’s apartment market performance in this short video.

Phoenix, South Florida, and Philadelphia were addressed in May, and you can find related articles on the MPF market research blog.

Multifamily Lending Activity Continues to Strengthen

Multifamily Lending

Banks continue to show confidence in the multifamily industry, with lending to multifamily outpacing all other types of loans in the first quarter of 2016. GSE/Agency lenders led the pack, extending 42 percent of multifamily loans; banks were a close second with 34.5 percent. Mortgage delinquency rates continued their steady decline, feeding the upbeat mood of lenders.

Stay tuned to this blog for future updates from MPF Research!


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