Time to Put the Crazy College Roommate on the Endangered Species List


When a National Public Radio quiz show talks about a multifamily technology, you’d better pay attention.

During the September 3 airing of WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME!, the NPR News quiz, host Peter Sagal asked panelist and comedian Alonzo Bodden about yet another thing technology is denying the youth of today experiences us older folks had.

(Edited for brevity. Click here for the full audio and transcript of the segment.)

SAGAL: Alonzo, this week an op-ed in the New York Times lamented that college just ain’t what it used to be. That today’s kids are denied an opportunity we all had in school, to have what?

Mr. BODDEN: Well they’re denied so many things. A future would be one.

SAGAL: I’ll give you a hint. No more will freshmen experience the thrill of someone borrowing their clothes without asking or inviting their date up to the top bunk.

Mr. BODDEN: No, not roommates.

SAGAL: I’ll give it. The answer specifically is the opportunity to have a crazy roommate.

SAGAL: It’s that in the old days, you know back when you and I went to school, they used to throw you in with anybody and some of them turned out to be nuts.

Mr. BODDEN: That’s what I’m saying, the random thing, where you could get anybody.

SAGAL: They’re not doing the random thing anymore. Now a lot of colleges have these roommate web sites you can go and vet your future roommates, pick the ones you want.

ADAM FELBER (Writer, “Real Time with Bill Maher): Oh, I’m sure that will be as reliable as, say, Internet dating.

Back when I was a freshman in college (circa 1986), I was fortunate enough to pick my own roommate. However, I didn’t miss out on the crazy roommate experience. I’ll just say that because of him I discovered how flammable cologne is and that crayons make very stinky candles. Yes, he enjoyed fire.

What do you think? Is it time to put the crazy college roommate on the endangered species list? Has roommate matching technology made yet another rite of passage obsolete, joining the likes of walking to school uphill in the snow (both ways), getting up to change the TV channels, or going outside with a group of friends to play actual, not virtual, football?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

And if you’re thinking, “I didn’t have a weird roommate in college,” you were probably the weird roommate.


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  2. Time to Put the Crazy College Roommate on the Endangered Species List http://t.co/6VkIuwAQ

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