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There are a lot of wonderful ways your property can celebrate the season: lights around the property, in-office decorations and community holiday events, but there’s an important, yet unpleasant aspect that it pays to push: holiday safety.

While no one likes to think about crime during the holidays, criminal mischief can take a larger toll on both your residents and your property’s reputation. It definitely pays to take steps to protect both.

Add extra security

Whether or not you have security personnel on site, it pays to add a little extra manpower, especially at your most vulnerable times. While those times may differ from location to location, a study shared by ASecureLife.com reported that 65% of all home burglaries happen between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.  So adding some security during the day will not only protect your community, it will also provide a visible reminder to residents to mind their security and to be mindful of uninvited guests on the property. A few hours at night are useful as well, as kids on school break may be looking for a little mischief.  Those holiday decorations you put out in the front of your property aren’t exactly cheap to replace and it’s important to keep an extra eye on them.

Send out holiday safety tips to residents

A reminder to lock your front door may seem silly, but ASecureLife.com says more than a third of all burglars enter through the front door. Most enter through an unlocked door. And since many units only have one door—the front door–it’s doubly important to protect that point of entry. There are plenty of other tips like locking car doors and not leaving valuables in plain view, whether we’re talking about home or auto.

Sending out tips via your community website, text or email, also are good reminders to community members to be vigilant and wary of their surroundings, helping to make your community a safer place.

Install signs

Signs that remind residents to lock their cars and homes are a good idea any time of year. So are security signs. They announce to would be thieves that your property isn’t an easy place to get in or out of without being seen. Neighborhood watch signs can also have a similar effect.

Upgrade your locks

There are several reasons to upgrade the lock on your property. With new technologies, it can open up a world of efficiency for your maintenance crew, opens the door to easier turns, and can offer a unique amenity for residents. While there are still some drawbacks to this newer technology, innovations are improving all of the time.

Host a holiday party

At first glance, a party may not seem like it would have an effect on crime, but the more your residents interact, the more they’ll be likely to recognize someone who wasn’t invited to the party and property. It also provides a reminder to staff what residents look like. A community event can be just what Santa ordered to bring your residents closer together and make your property safer.

Happy Holidays!


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