Top 10 Most Read Property Management Insider Articles of 2015  

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As the year comes to an end, we’re taking the time to reflect on some of our the best moments here at Property Management Insider. Whether you’re a new visitor or have followed us for years, catch what you’ve missed or relive the memories. These top 10 blog posts were the most popular this year among our subscribers and viewers:

1. Top 5 Traits of the Greatest Leasing Consultants in the World

This post dives into what makes the top leasing consultants in the world great at what they do. It’s a guide filed with helpful tips such as seeing customers as real people and being persistent, which equip leasing consultants to deal with various personalities.

2. 3 Misconceptions Regarding ADA and Fair Housing Accessibility Laws

Coming in at number two, this article was a favorite among our readers. Staying up-to-date with various laws and understanding how to interpret them can be huge for multifamily professionals, site managers and owners who are spending money on problems that don’t even exist. Check out this article for more information on these often confusing areas.

3. Will Your Apartment Communities Be Ready for Gen Z?

Millennials are an important multifamily audience, but a new group has emerged that property management professionals should keep top of mind. How do you appeal to Gen Z  and those born beyond 1995? This post covers everything you need to know about Gen Z and how you can make your apartment communities interesting to them.

4. An Inside View on Real Estate Profit Margins

We all know that earnings matter, but just how much of a role do they play in real estate? This post breaks down profit margins in real estate compared to other industries and is a must-read for those who love numbers.

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5. Top 4 Revenue Management Mistakes To Avoid

Revenue management can be tricky, and this blog post gives helpful tips on how to avoid common problems. It covers everything from stagnant rent rates to missed opportunities, so give it a read and reduce your chances of making a costly mistake.

6. 7 Must-Have Resources for Apartment Property Management

The right tools can take a property management business from good to outstanding. Learn about the top resources property management professionals should be using to keep their properties running smoothly. Everything from budgeting to utility management is covered, and helpful insights are offered to help you plan for a successful 2016.

7. U.S. Apartment Rent Growth Hits a New High

Apartment rentals are increasing, and those totals reached a new high this past year. Check out this informative video discussing the widespread growth of apartment rentals, particularly in the Western part of the United Sates.

8. The Impact of Convenience Fees on Online Payments

Convenience fees are a major component of payment strategies, but what are the rules and regulations that go along with them? This post breaks down all the rules you need to know and what impact convenience fees have on online payments.

9. The Nation’s Top 10 Busiest Submarkets: 6. Frisco/Prosper, Texas

Interested in the nation’s busiest submarkets? Look no further, as this post breaks down the top 10, including a detailed infographic on Frisco/Prosper, Texas.

10. Is Vinyl Plank Flooring the Latest Apartment Trend?

Out with the hardwood, in with the vinyl! See why vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular in apartment housing in our last, but certainly not least, top 10 blog post of the year.

Thank you for making our year a great one! We look forward to continuing to provide insights into all things multifamily in 2016. Happy New Year!


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