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At this time of year we all tend to do two things: look forward to the new year by making resolutions and reflecting upon the events from the past year.

It’s no different for us at Property Management Insider. As we looked over Google Analytics from the past year, these 10 property management, apartment marketing, and expense management articles emerged as the top performing, most read articles. Without further ado, here are the Greatest Hits from 2013:

1. The Top 5 Technologies that Will Impact the Multifamily Industry in 2013

While 2012 was an amazing year for technology in the multifamily industry, it only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Here are five technologies that will have a major impact on the way the industry does business in 2013. Read the article.

2. Apartment’s Automated Vending Machine Generates $2500 in Weekly Revenue

An automated vending machine generating $2,500 in weekly revenue is most likely not selling just candy bars and potato chips. But that’s what the Ladera Palms apartment property is currently experiencing after nearly a year with a robotic convenience store installation. Read the article.

3. Hoarding Officially Recognized as Mental Disorder in May 2013

When it officially stamps hoarding as a disorder in May, the American Psychiatric Association will confirm what property management companies and Fair Housing experts have already known: Hoarding is a mental disorder and a protected class. Read the article.

4. Apartment Ordered to Pay Resident $800,000 Over Bed Bug Infestation

The recent jury award of $800,000 to a Maryland renter for a bed bug infestation could understandably have the multifamily and rental housing industries a little on edge lately. Is this lawsuit settlement a harbinger of things to come? Possibly, but at the very least the case highlights a growth in bed bug lawsuits nationwide. Read the article.

5. Property Maintenance: Cracking Down on Dog Poop with DNA Testing

Apartment properties across the country are using pet DNA to crack down on offenders who leave dog poop on the community grounds. Read the article.

6. Resident Retention: The Difference Between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Just because a resident indicates a high level of satisfaction does not mean that they will be loyal to your apartment community. Customer satisfaction today is a minimum expectation, while customer loyalty is the basis for sustained profitability and growth. Where is your focus? Read the article.

7. Achieving Resident Satisfaction: The Top 10 Apartment Resident Complaints

Apartment residents are most likely to complain about rental rates, says a recent industry survey. However, on-site customer service from management and maintenance staffs is also a top issue, being mentioned in three of the top five complaints. Read the article.

8. Apartment Amenities: Understanding What Gen Y Wants

A panel of Generation Y multifamily professionals render their verdicts on development trends and amenities that are typically targeted at them and whether they are truly essential or overrated. Read the article.

9. Green Roof Installation Raises Value of Boston Apartment by $2.4 Million

Green roof installations, like the one at 1330 Boylston Street in Boston, can not only reduce energy costs and better manage environmental concerns, it can help increase the the property value of your multifamily asset. Read the article.

10. The Top 3 Apartment Lead Sources Used by Renters

Apartment marketing managers pretty much know that if you don’t know where your leads are coming from, you won’t know where to allocate your marketing dollars. According to a recent survey by SatisFacts Research, here are the top three lead sources renters use to find apartments. Read the article.

Here’s a question for you: Which PMI article did you love that didn’t make this year’s list? We’d love to know so please share it in the comments below.



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