Transforming Apartment Leasing: Mobile Turns Prospects into Residents in One Visit

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When it comes to successful apartment leasing in today’s competitive rental market, mobile is now what makes the difference. Mobile devices, especially tablets, have reduced computer usage by 12% YoY—declining from 59% in March 2012 to 47% in March 2013. Over this same period, tablets have more than doubled in mobile market share from 6% to 15%. With 72% of people under 30 living in rental housing and seemingly inseparable from mobile technology, tablet has the potential to be an industry game changer by converting leads into leases faster. Today, leasing agents are redefining apartment marketing by connecting with prospects on a different level and many are closing more with a mobile leasing tablet in hand.

Here are five reasons why your property management team should be using a tablet app to help secure more leasing sales:

1. Make a Lasting First Impression at the Leasing Office

Renters have high expectations and no longer settle for just an apartment. We expect the whole enchilada, with all the apartment amenities included. Walking into an apartment leasing office to find the on-site team equipped with tablets confirms the property staff is modern, knowledgeable, and adaptable. In my search, I’ve found that leasing offices with tablets also offer the best amenities. As a highly regarded piece of technology, having a tablet app that assists with the leasing process differentiates apartment communities.

2. Enhance Property Tours

The tablet app can turn leasing consultants into your best sales people by extending the leasing office and turning up the volume on virtual apartment tours. This gives agents and prospects the freedom to view floor plans and units in real time—anytime, anywhere. Bring your apartment community to life with 3D floor plans, multimedia photo galleries, video tours, resident screening, e-signatures, and more. With Foursquare® technology, apartment leasing staff can share neighborhood services that matter most to prospects including local schools, shopping, transit, restaurants and groceries.

3. Improve Lead Management and Lead Generation

Leasing agents will be more productive and convert leads faster with property information at their fingertips, freeing them from behind their desks. On-site staff can access and update any existing guest cards created on the tablet, liberating staff from the office, improving lead management, and increasing conversion rates.

4. Put the Personal Relationship Between the Consultant and Prospect First

It’s intimidating to walk into a leasing office and provide personal information. If a prospect is hesitant, leasing agents can walk the property with customers and collect their personal information on the tablet as they go, making the interaction more natural. A personal approach is more valuable and removes the computer barrier between the leasing agent and prospective clients.

If a specific unit of interest is occupied, the conversation doesn’t have to end there. Prospects can view the floor plans and see a virtual tour. All apartment information is transparent and can be easily shared with real-time pricing and unit availability.

5. Be Fully Prepared – Online and Offline

You never know when prospects will show up for an apartment tour, but you don’t want to lose a lead. With the right mobile app to assist with apartment leasing, the tablet can be fully functional online and offline. This gives leasing agents the ability to better meet prospect’s needs and answer questions on the spot. Visitors will be impressed and leasing agents will be thankful.

Tablets with mobile apps provide leasing agents with the resources they need to properly market your apartment community. For example, I didn’t see the apartment I currently live in before signing the lease, but I saw a similar unit. Because the community had a mobile device that displayed floor plans, pricing, availability, and amenities, I felt comfortable making my decision—and, ultimately, moving in. Is your property management team currently using a tablet application? How has it improved the apartment leasing experience for you and your prospects? Leave your comments below.



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