Trend Makers for Multifamily to Watch in 2016

Multifamily Trends 2016


Multifamily Trend Makers

Meet the influencers who get top billing as our trend makers for multifamily in 2016. Read on to learn more about our picks and find out why these famous names are our digital marketing muses. The wisdom and foresight they demonstrate across industries is the reason we think they’re so dang awesome.

1. Mark Cuban

I attended the Dallas Digital Summit at the end of 2015 where Mark Cuban was the keynote speaker. He gave the self-proclaimed shortest keynote in the history of keynotes, but made one of the most poignant statements related to digital media and marketing I’ve heard: Step away from the algorithm. Mark’s point is that we’ve become so entrenched in benchmarks and metrics from the analytics of what we do that we’ve stifled our own creativity. We’ve forgotten that we’re marketing to human beings. For multifamily, this means if you want to build a relationship with prospects, you need to convey an authentic message. What unique story does your property have to share? Keep this idea at the forefront of the content creation process and make sure it’s reflected it in messaging across your digital channels.

mark cuban

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2. David Bowie

Bowie perfectly predicted the internet’s impact on music and society 15 years ago. He talked about what the Internet would do to society, media and the relationship between audience and content creator: “We are constantly on the cusp of something so exhilarating and terrifying…where the interplay between the user in the provider will be so in simpatico that it will crush our idea of what media is.”

Bowie was on to something—and had the foresight to see something many of us couldn’t imagine at the time, but definitely rings true as even the obvious today. Creating content that resonates with your audience builds trust and authenticity, positions you as the authority and expert, and also gives them information about what they want WHEN they want it is the key. How are you doing that today to build your multifamily business?


3. Jane Schachtel and Carolyn Everson

Facebook’s Global Head of Mobile/Technology Strategy and Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions, respectively – The two spoke about humanizing technology at CES in Las Vegas this month, pointing out how marketing can optimize it today and in the future. From them, we learned that the purpose behind humanizing technology is for brands to find ways to foster human connection from behind a screen.

How will the future of communication shape our industry? Schachtel mentions by 2019, based off current trajectories and behavior, 70% of mobile traffic will be from video.

The future of communication is staying mobile. For multifamily marketers, this means a big shift for clients clinging to old school marketing tactics. Success in marketing in the future will hinge on experiences, which means moving websites to responsive design templates and leveraging mobile advertisements. From a creative standpoint, multifamily should recognize this a big opportunity. Be where your prospects are.


4. Andy Samberg

What Andy did that warrants his appearing on this list actually happened more than 10 years ago during his first season of Saturday Night Live. It’s the perpetuation of that action that continues to inspire us today… it’s about being ready. Andy and his friends on the SNL writing team hadn’t had much luck getting many of their ideas on the show. It was December 2005, and Andy and his friends had an idea for a song parody for one of the last shows of the year. The guys wrote, recorded, created and edited the music video in a couple of days to get it ready—creatively using the few tools at their disposal, contacts in the industry and creativity to make the video a reality—and their ideas made it on air late that Saturday night. Their creation, “Lazy Sunday,” was a hit and became an internet sensation on the then-fledgling video website, YouTube.

Some will argue that the song revived not only SNL, but brought attention to YouTube, giving fans a taste of the social media world before even Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat were around.

Andy Samberg

Photo via Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC

That, my friends, is being resourceful. That is being ready. By working fast, with little resources, Andy and team seized a crucial opportunity. They had to work fast, and do it with little resources. They used their network for help. They collaborated. But at the core of it all, they were READY. Being in a proactive versus reactive state enabled Samberg’s project to reach its full potential. It’s this mindset that will help bring property managers into the future of marketing for multifamily. It’s about anticipating the concerns of residents and prospects while remaining inventive and getting the most out of your existing resources.

View your network as a resource that you can nurture and grow, with the right maintenance and care. Be aware of resources available at your disposal; every industry has its experts. Experiencing a challenge? Learn from other’s mistakes and missteps.  When you think of your network as an extension of your brand (personal and company), you can leverage them to your advantage. At a moment’s notice, how prepared will you be? Will you be READY?

5. You

How can we as marketers make sure that we’re being seen online? As social media and SEO play together well in the digital space, YOU have an opportunity to help prospects find when they’re looking for you. Do this by embracing the concept of micro-moments. A micro-moment is a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and delivers quick information, you can either consume or act on immediately. Thanks to mobile, micro-moments can happen at any time, wherever you are. And consumers (in our case, prospects) expect us to address their needs in these moments with real-time relevance. Are you ready?

Great ideas stem from collaboration. Let yours bloom.

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