What Cloud Computing Really Means for the Multifamily Industry


Cloud computing is finally taking its place among cutting-edge IT professionals within the multifamily industry. With traditional IT organizations struggling with one of two issues with their infrastructure—over utilization or excess capacity—the benefits of cloud-based computing will continue to drive new and innovative solutions for years to come. Cloud computing provides capacity on demand paired with flexible billing options aimed at supporting growth while providing a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Expand Business Capabilities with Scalability and Stability

To make cloud computing a viable option, multiple layers of redundancy, scalability and standardization are deployed. Top cloud providers today are building their infrastructure around advancements in virtualization. The ability to migrate servers between different hardware platforms seamlessly without business interruption provides stability that a traditional 1:1 server infrastructure simply cannot provide.

Collaboration Technology to Meet Growing Demand

As cloud computing continues to grow and adapt to the market, many new product offerings will grow to meet the demands of our industry. Today, the fastest growing technologies center on information sharing and employee collaboration. New players in the online file sharing market look to add a layer of redundancy to desktop file storage and provide a platform for file sharing. To increase company-wide communication and collaboration, cloud providers are building new and exciting technologies based on proven software offerings like Microsoft SharePoint and Google Sites. These client-specific sites are quickly replacing self-hosted intranet sites and giving employees a reason to reset their browser homepage.

Disaster Recovery Technology Prevents Downtime and Loss of Valuable Data

With what seems like a new catastrophe appearing each week, we all know the importance of protecting our data. Without a disaster recovery plan, critical business applications are at risk. But remote backups are expensive and difficult to provision and disaster recovery sites and hardware are extremely capital intensive. With cloud-based solutions, backup and disaster recovery plans are now in the hands of dedicated professionals able to scale solutions to meet even the most rigorous demands. With large scale natural disasters headlining broadcasts across the country, priority must be given to one of your company’s largest and most critical assets … your data.

Cloud solutions should be as individual as your company. When looking for a cloud provider, be sure to look for a business partner in your industry that knows your business. The multifamily industry has many individual software solutions that are critical to your success. Your cloud provider should have a vested interest in your success and help you drive to meet your company’s IT goals.



CIO, President of Cloud Services, RealPage

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Suzanne Kosub is CIO and president of cloud services for RealPage where she is responsible for the leadership and management of global IT operations and RealPage’s cloud business, aligning IT goals with RealPage’s client business strategies. Prior to RealPage, Suzanne worked for Concentra, a subsidiary of Humana Health Care Systems, where she served as senior vice president and chief information officer, and where she was recognized as a “Top Innovator” by Information Week in 2010.

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