What’s New in Social: Autoplay, Tweets, and Peach

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It’s crucial for property management professionals to find innovative ways to connect with prospects and generate business, and social media is a powerful tool to help. For this reason, Property Management Insider has created a weekly series to keep readers up-to-date on the latest trends and updates in social media.

Here’s what’s new in social:

Periscope broadcasts are now streaming within Twitter

Twitter has unveiled a recent change to newsfeeds: live streams from Periscope. Video broadcasts from Periscope will soon autoplay within Twitter newsfeeds. Periscope, a live streaming application purchased by Twitter back in February, has had over 100 million broadcasts from users since it’s inception.

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By leveraging the vast audience on Twitter, Periscope is expected to grow in both popularity and use on social media. Periscope streams will be appear soon in newsfeeds for Twitter app users with iOs and Android devices.

Twitter introduces conversational ads

Last week, Twitter debuted a new type of advertising for Twitter feeds aptly called conversational ads. Conversational ads will enable users to interact more with brands from the touch of a button. Call to actions will be associated along with hashtags, to encourage the amplification of conversations on social media. With these new ads, brands can offer users opportunities to engage with customized messages. While conversational ads in Twitter are currently in beta for larger brands, this promotional feature will soon be rolled out for all advertisers.

 Say hello to the latest social messaging app: Peach

Ready for a taste of something new? Try Peach. From the creator of popular video app Vine, Peach is a new messaging application that lets users connect and interact with friends in new, creative ways.

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Peach users can share media content within their dashboards with the public, much like Twitter. The application features special keywords called, “magic words” that make it easier for users to share interesting content with their followers. Still in its nascent stages, time will tell whether this messaging app is here to stay. Want to test it out? Peach is currently free for iOs users and will soon be available for all Android mobile users.

Taking advantage of social media helps property management professionals reach more prospects and improve their multifamily businesses. How are you integrating the latest social trends into your apartment marketing efforts? Stay tuned for more updates on What’s New in Social!


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Jade is a contributor to Property Management Insider. Her background includes social media, reputation management, and content marketing. She is a graduate of Baylor University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. During her studies at Baylor, she held the position of Director of Social Media for Baylor’s student-run record label.

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  1. Jason Hull says:

    I think Blab will be a game changer in the live streaming space. It is more social. Allows real connections. Anyone can join in with you. It allows real networking and relationships to happen in a way that other social channels do not. I wrote an intro to Blab for property managers here: http://doorgrow.com/intro-to-blab-im-for-property-management-entrepreneurs/

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