What’s New in Social Media: Microsoft Buys LinkedIn, Snapchat Changes Stories, Facebook Moments App


It’s crucial for property management professionals to find innovative ways to connect with prospects and generate business, and social media is a powerful tool to help. This series was created to keep readers up-to-date on the latest trends and updates in social media. By taking advantage of social media for multifamily, your property management company is better equipped to engage your online audiences.

What Does Microsoft's Acquisition of LinkedIn Mean for LinkedIn? | Social Media Today

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2-Billion

Microsoft is getting into the social network game. The acquisition is the tech giants biggest to date. The purchase is at a great time for Microsoft. Linked in has continually had a growing user base, engagement, and revenue. To date, Linked in has 433 million members (up 19% a year ago) across 200 countries and territories.  This will be an opportunity for Microsoft to boost its own products and connecting users.

“LinkedIn will give Microsoft far bigger reach in terms of social networking services and professional content — developing the early signs of enterprise social networking that it kicked off with its acquisition of Yammer or $1.2 billion in 2012.” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told TechCrunch.

Snapchat Announces Changes to Stories and Ads

Over the past week, Snapchat has announced several big changes. The Discover Channel has a fresh new look that includes a grid of tiles, and the Live Stories page has been redesigned so that non-friend content is combined into two rows. People can easily scroll through these stories, and simply tap and hold to subscribe to specific channels.

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Snapchat’s Stories page, with the old version on the left and the new version on the right. Image via Tech Crunch.

Additionally, major announcements have been made regarding ads. These include ads between stories, expandable “Snap Ads” visible through an app, new processes for reviewing advertising content, an Ads API, and new partnerships with tech developers, creative agencies and measurement companies. Check out the latest article from Tech Crunch for full details.

Facebook Pushes Photo-Sharing App Moments

Facebook is ready for users to seize the moment. This month, Facebook announced an upcoming change for users of their Photo Sync feature. On July 7th, the site plans to delete all synched user photos, not saved within their latest standalone application, Moments. Users will now need to install the mobile, photo-sharing Moments app to receive the same capabilities.


The social networking site announced back in October the inception of Moments, an app that empowers users to aggregate and streamline online photos. With the success of the Facebook Messenger app, it’s hard to say how this forced adoption will affect the sentiment of users.

Wondering if your photos will be affected? All synched photos currently appear on Facebook pages in an album called either Synched (mobile app) or Synched from Phone (desktop). Learn more about photo-syncing and the recent news here.


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